YourWebsiteMonitor Leads Businesses towards Success with Reliable Uptime Monitoring

The world of technology has changed rapidly, and all kinds of tools used online have since evolved.

However, when it comes to business, some business owners find the evolution of technology far less enthralling. Although they understand that technological advancement is important, some of them focus more on proven, low-risk technology in operating their businesses.

This need not be the case. Living in an information and knowledge economy, consumers find valuable information through the online world. For such reasons, businesses of all kinds need to rely on their websites to drive more sales and gain a competitive advantage to succeed in the industry.

A website plays a vital role in determining the success of the business. A website may either display the business’s products and services online or showcase its branding efforts. For whatever reasons, business owners should ensure that their websites are up and running at any time of the day.

There are innumerable factors that may affect website performance and lead to server downtime. These factors can be classified as intentional and non-intentional outages. Intentional outages include:

  • Implementation of new codes
  • Website maintenance
  • Permanent website shutdown due to the closing of the business

On the other hand, non-intentional outages include:

  • Domain name (DNS) expiration
  • Server crashes (this may include hardware issues and hard drive crashes)
  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS)
  • Server overload
  • Errors in database management
  • Hacker attacks
  • and a lot more

These factors can greatly affect the ability of a website and may hinder the success of a business. The good news is that there are now website monitoring companies that can provide tools to keep all websites accessible and at its optimal health.

A website is a powerful marketing tool and maintaining its optimal performance can help improve business image, gain competitive advantage, and lead to more prospects and thus improve business sales.

One monitoring company that can help improve a business website is YourWebsiteMonitor.

YourWebsiteMonitor is an online platform that offers comprehensive and consistent uptime monitoring. The platform was created to help business owners succeed by providing uptime monitoring tools to empower their businesses to achieve amazing online visibility and function properly without any interruption.

YourWebsiteMonitor is on a mission to provide first-rate uptime monitoring services and ensure security, reliability, and promptness to its clients. It aims to provide business solutions by utilizing the latest monitoring tools that can cater to various types and sizes of business.

Check out the top reasons on how YourWebsiteMonitor’s uptime monitoring services can help businesses succeeds.

  • Prevent the loss of sales – Frequent website downtime is equivalent to the closing of a physical store. A closed store means no chance to make a sale. If a website is down, there is a bigger possibility of sales to go down, too. YourWebsiteMonitor works toward minimizing server downtime, thus preventing the monetary loss of business.
  • Protects the business’s reputation and image – A website is pivotal to the business’s reputation and image. If a website is running too slow or is frequently down, this can leave a not-so-good impression on customers and affect their perception towards the business. An unsatisfied customer may give up on the website and opt to turn to the competitors’ site. YourWebsiteMonitor can improve the performance of a website and guarantees customer satisfaction.
  • Understands the website’s performance – YourWebsiteMonitor monitors the performance of a website and how well it operates on a day-to-day basis. This includes checking the website’s responsiveness, its search ranking, and whether the site contains too many graphic items.
  • Immediately detect hackers – Hackers can greatly affect not just the site’s uptime but also the sales performance and brand reputation. Once hackers successfully enter malicious codes on the server, there is a high probability that the site will suffer. YourWebsiteMonitor can easily detect these actions and so notifies business owners immediately to address the issue.

Aside from those mentioned above, YourWebsiteMonitor’s uptime monitoring services also provide insight into the performance benchmarking of a website, alerting capabilities, data visualizations, as well as providing a detailed report on the website performance.

YourWebsiteMonitor’s uptime monitoring services provide tools and efficient ways to keep business websites secure and working. YourWebsiteMonitor tests the overall performance of a website and determines its weak points to eliminate website downtime.

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