Tuesday - April 23, 2024

Michele DeFilippo, Founder of 1106 Design, Shares the Secret to Producing a Top-Quality Book in Today’s Complex, Ever-Changing Self-Publishing Industry

In this exclusive interview with Michele DeFilippo, founder of trusted author services company, 1106 Design, Michele shares how authors can maximize their profits by self-publishing their books as indie publishing was originally intended—with the author as the true publisher. The … Continue reading

Renowned Personal Development Expert Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino Shares the Secret to Visualizing and Actualizing Success in The Success Guidebook

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino’s The Success Guidebook: How to Visualize, Actualize, and Amplify You offers a powerful framework on how to redefine success for yourself on a personal and professional level. Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is a bestselling, multiple award-winning author, master coach, and … Continue reading