Best Life Helper Review: Guiding Individuals toward Career Discovery

One of the most important decisions in a person’s life is choosing a career. Deciding on which career to take is so much more than just deciding what one can do for a living.

Some people may be lucky enough to know what they want to pursue in life and end up with a satisfying career without giving it much thought. However, some are not as lucky.

A lot of people don’t put enough effort into choosing a career. Some choose careers that seem secure or one that pays well. Just after a few years of accumulating a certain amount of experience and success, they end up looking for more enjoyment from their work. This is where career discovery comes in.

Career discovery is the process of identifying one’s ideal career through a systematic and thorough self-reflection. This is important as it helps you, as a person, to proactively manage your own career. This means:

  • Knowing the ideal work situation (role, company, industry, work environment),
  • Having a plan to achieve it, and
  • Achieving optimal well-being and success in that work situation.

This saves you a lot of time and money in pursuing a career that you will ultimately find unfulfilling. The ideal and best career is one that has a purpose. It should be aligned with your own passion, values, skills, and strengths – one that will make an impact on something that you truly care about.

Embarking on a new career or making a career change may seem like a daunting task but it helps to have a company like Best Life Helper guide you towards career discovery.

Best Life Helper is an online platform that offers easy-to-understand personality development courses. The platform was created to help individuals unleash the strengths within them and discover more about themselves which can help steer them towards career discovery later on.

According to Best Life Helper, the key to discovering the career that fits an individual is through self-discovery – identifying who you are and discovering your purpose in life. You must first discover your strengths as well as the areas that need improvement. Knowing all of these can help you develop your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

The process of self-discovery can be divided into four segments:

  1. Self-awareness – This includes understanding your personal characteristics, such as your traits, preferences, tendencies, emotions, passion, values, and needs. This segment includes the process of analyzing your beliefs and thoughts to help you determine your principles and values. You can then reach your fullest potential and attain self-actualization and self-fulfillment.
  1. Interest awareness – As mentioned, in self-awareness, you explore your tendencies and traits that remain constant in your life. Your interests, on the other hand, change as you grow. Identifying your interests is important because it will help you be more productive as you enjoy what you’re doing. The more activities you do that bring happiness to you, the better you feel towards life and yourself.
  1. Hopes and dreams – As your interests are for the present, your hopes and dreams are for the future. These are positive thoughts and images of your future that embrace positive emotions. A fulfilled person is often measured by his ability to pursue his dreams in life.
  1. Career discovery – Career discovery is the process of identifying a career that best corresponds to your interests and personality and one that you will find rewarding and fulfilling. You need to take time and effort to understand and learn about yourself to find a career that will bring about gratification.

Best Life Helper shared that, through self-discovery, you can get a more thorough understanding of yourself, dig around, and discover things that are relevant to you – now and in the coming future. Self-discovery is an important process towards career discovery and a very important skill that one doesn’t learn in school.

Moreover, in the career development field, self-discovery is the beginning of the career-planning process. This allows you to gather information about yourself and gauge how you fit in a certain career. Later on, it leads you towards a career choice that is a natural extension of who you really are.

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