Review: Improving Business Sales with Top-Notch Website Monitoring

In every business, they say that there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s a brand-new or a large enterprise with a healthy clientele to depend on, every business is in continuous search for ways to improve its sales.

However, business owners should know how to allocate their efforts to make the necessary move to improve their business sales.

In today’s digital era, websites have become an integral part of a brand and business. According to research, over 90% of purchasing decisions start with a quick online search. With the immense amount of competition in the online industry, business owners should develop and maintain a solid online presence to improve their business sales. Hence, website monitoring is absolutely necessary.

What is website monitoring?

Website monitoring refers to an all-encompassing term for activities that involve testing a website for function, performance, and availability to ensure a smooth user experience.

A website is the major source of revenue for businesses, which is why maintaining a website is pivotal for any business. Website monitoring guarantees the business websites’ availability and optimal performance and pinpoints potential problems before they put dents in business sales.

Any website downtime or failure could directly lead to loss of revenue, loss of business credibility, and customer dissatisfaction. For such reasons, business owners have become keener and more insightful in choosing the best monitoring service provider.

One company that is gaining its reputation in the monitoring service industry is is a start-up online monitoring company that helps business owners enhance their online customer engagement and ensures that all business websites are up and running and that all servers are performing the best way possible. was created to help businesses improve their systems and business sales by consistently monitoring potential problems that may cause website sluggishness and network delays.

Reasons to work with conducts thorough and consistent website monitoring from several locations around the globe.’s ability to monitor from a wide variety of locations is important because it can get accurate information about the website performance as well as the customers’ interaction with the website. This is important because it helps business owners locate and detect localized errors and troubleshoot issues before these affect their business sales. collates all data from website monitoring and relays the information to the business owners via regular reports in the form of graphs or charts. This gives business owners an overview of the performance of their websites. It allows them to correct any website failure and prevent the loss of sales. sends out an alert (SMS, emails, phone calls) to business owners when a potential problem is detected. This helps business owners address the issue and resolve it in a timely manner.

Aside from website performance, also helps businesses improve their ranking on search engines. When Google finds a website that is constantly down, it can impose strict ranking penalties. Getting penalized can greatly affect a website’s ranking on search engines, which can affect business sales later on. can optimize the performance of a website and this includes improving the speed performance. An improved and smooth flowing speed performance creates a much better website experience for customers.

Frequent website downtime can jeopardize the online reputation of a business.’s consistent monitoring can prevent unwanted hazards that may cause poor website performance and downtime and protect the professional image of a business.

Frequent downtime may cause a business to lose its customers as well as its sales. protects online businesses’ from losing leads and sales by consistently monitoring websites and ensures that all downtime issues are detected and resolved quickly. This allows customers to access the website without any issues and prevent them from moving to other competitors.

Disruption from hackers may result in website downtime. Hackers may activate malicious code to a website that can derail websites’ uptime.’s website monitoring tools can easily detect this issue and prevent it from having disastrous results. understands that time equates to money, especially in an online business. A website can either make or break the business. It is for such reasons that provides modernized and comprehensive monitoring tools to ensure the optimal performance of a website, protect the business’s reputation and improve business sales.

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