How do I sign up for AB Newswire? Or how do I get started with submitting a press release?
How much does it cost to use AB Newswire services?
What are the benefits of using AB Newswire?
Do you offer Press Release writing services?
What makes your Press Release services different from your competitor’s?
Do you guarantee publication? If yes, what do you guarantee?
Where will my Press Release be displayed?
How quickly will my Press Release be published?
Will I be notified when my Press Release is published or rejected?
Do you provide Press Release statistics?
Can I use your service, if I’m already using another wire?
Does AB Newswire offer any tips or help on how to write an effective Press Release?
Do you submit my Press Release to Facebook/Twitter/other social media sites?
Will you provide me with the links once my release is published?
Can you be more specific with what $40 vs $100 will get me?
For how many months does the Press Release remain on the news websites?
How does your service differ from other Press Release distribution services?
What is the minimal cost to start, what do you suggest?
What do you mean by Reasonable Usage Restrictions Applied on Distributing Multiple Press Releases
I have logged in and made the payment but why am I still unable to add the Press Release?
Is this helpful for my website? I am interested and want to rank my website on Google. How can I do this?
Can we do a trial release and see the results first?
Do you have a combo package that includes Press Release writing and distribution?
Press Release Stop and Removal Requests
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