What should one pay attention to when using car seats?

A car seat provides an easy to operate, comfortable and safe driving and riding position for the driver and passengers. It should have the following conditions.

1, the arrangement of seats throughout the carriage should be reasonable, especially the driver’s seat must be in the best position.

2, the shape of the seat must be designed to meet the human physiological function, to ensure the comfort of the premise of aesthetic.

3, the seat must be safe and reliable, there should be sufficient strength, rigidity and durability, compact structure and reduce the quality as far as possible.

4, to meet the comfort of the driver and passengers set up a variety of adjustment mechanism, to have a reliable locking device to ensure safety.

Seat position adjustment

Many drivers often neglect to adjust the position of the driver’s seat first before driving. In fact, the correct driving position can effectively protect the safety of the driver, if the seat position is not appropriate, it will affect the driver’s vision and the sensitivity of the control, and even lead to traffic accidents, injury to themselves and others.Therefore the first thing to do before driving is to adjust the height of the driver’s seat. The correct seat height should be such that the driver’s view is not obstructed by the steering wheel and that all important instruments and street signs are clearly visible.

Once the seat height has been adjusted, the front and rear position of the seat must also be adjusted. First, lean your hips back as far as possible so that they are between the cushion and the back of the seat, so that you can sit more firmly and without swaying. Once you are seated, you should pay attention to the position of your hands and feet and place your left and right hands at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions of the steering wheel. The other two hands should be slightly bent so that in the event of an accident, the force of the impact can be effectively dispersed and not concentrated on the joints of the arms.In addition, the left and right feet must be positioned in such a way that they can also keep the legs bent when you press the pedal to the floor. If your legs are in a straightened position when you press the pedal to the bottom, make sure to pull the seat forward a little.

It is worth noting that you should not let your knees rest on the steering column, but keep them at a distance, as this can compromise the movement of your feet and make the reaction untimely.A seat belt is a very effective safety feature that can effectively cushion a person from the forward impulse. Seat belts have their own way of being fastened, and the position of the seat belt in a car can usually be adjusted. The correct position is to adjust it so that when the seat belt is not in use it rests on the B-pillar and is at or about the same height as the eyes. This way, when the seatbelt is fastened, it will pass just over the chest and collarbone, so that in the event of an impact, the force of the impact will not be concentrated too much in one place and injure the passenger.

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