What is Suede Fabric? Advantages and Disadvantages of Suede Fabric

Suede is a kind of velvet fabric. Its surface is covered with a layer of 0.2mm fluff, which has a good feel. It is widely used in clothing, cars, luggage and so on!

Suede Fabric ,It can be divided into natural suede and imitation suede.

Natural suede is a kind of fur processing products of animal suede, which has few sources and is not cheap. It belongs to fur fabric.

The imitation suede is a chemical fiber fabric, which is made of warp knitted island silk and weft knitted polyester yarn. Sea island silk is actually a kind of superfine fiber, and its processing technology is relatively complex. There are few domestic manufacturers that can produce it. Its chemical fiber composition is still polyester in essence, so the essence of suede fabric is 100% polyester fabric.

Suede fabric has a sanding process in the textile process, so that the finished fabric has very small fluff, with a good feel!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Suede Fabric


1. Suede belongs to the artificial fur of the nobility, which is no inferior to natural suede. The overall feel of the fabric is soft, and the overall weight of the fabric is light. Compared with the bulkiness of traditional fur, it really has advantages.

2. Suede has a strict gilding printing process in the textile process. The fabric style is unique, and the designed ready-made clothes have a very good retro style.

3. Suede fabric is waterproof and breathable, which is comfortable to wear. This is mainly due to the island silk textile process, which can effectively control the overall shrinkage of the fabric, so that the fiber gap of the fabric is controlled between 0.2-10um, which is larger than the sweat vapor (0.1um) of the human body, and far smaller than the diameter of water droplets (100um – 200um), so it can achieve the effect of waterproof and breathable!


1. It is not resistant to dirt.

Suede is wear-resistant, but it is not resistant to dirt. If you don’t pay attention to it, it will get dirty. Moreover, it will look ugly after being dirty.

2.Cleaning is complex

The cleaning steps of suede are quite complicated. Unlike other fabrics, they can be put in the washing machine at will. They need to be cleaned manually. Professional cleaning supplies should be used when cleaning.

3.Poor water resistance

Suede is easy to deform, wrinkle, or even shrink after washing, so it is better to avoid large areas of water. Washing solvent, such as tetrachloroethylene, should also be used when cleaning

4.High price

Obviously, natural suede is much more expensive than ordinary fabrics, even imitation suede is not cheap.

Natural suede is a fabric made of suede, but there are few real natural suede on the market. Most of them are imitations, but some of them are also very good. Most of the clothes made of suede have a retro feeling, beautiful and unique, and other products made of suede are also very durable.

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