What is the general service life of the shower? How to choose shower head

There is a brief introduction of general service life of the shower and how to choose shower head.

1. What is the general service life of the shower

The general service life of shower heads is not specified by specific figures. Some publicity is 3 years, some are 5 years, and some are 10 years. In actual use, people feel the inconvenience of using the shower, such as reduced water output, water pipes full of scale, nozzle clogging, etc., these are all signals that remind the need to replace the shower.

2. How to choose shower head

First of all, the surface of a high-quality shower head looks bright and smooth, and human shadows can be reflected. It is smooth to the touch by hand, and the shower interface will look more delicate, without obvious marks such as cracks. Even if it is used for a long time, it will not rust, leak, drip, etc. Of course, the price is generally slightly more expensive.

If people have seen the contrast of other low-quality showers, they will find that the color of the poor-quality  showers is obviously white, and it feels uneven when people touch it with hands. If people look closely, people may still see oxidation spots. This kind of shower faucet is average The hardness is relatively low, and oxidation points are prone to appear during use.

It can be tested by breathing on the surface of the shower faucet. Generally, the quality of the surface fog disappearing quickly will not be bad. There are many choices of colors, styles and shapes, which can effectively prevent moisture and are extremely durable and easy to clean. The disadvantage is that it is easy to slip when exposed to water, so choose a tile with a non-slip coating to pave the ground. Fill the joints with jointing agent during installation so that they can be easily scrubbed in the future.

In addition, you can look at the joints and hoses of the shower faucet. When purchasing, you can check the quality of the hose material to see if there are trachoma or slight cracks at the joints between the faucet and the shower. Because some copper showers will have some small holes and cracks due to technical reasons during the production process, which will affect the overall service life of the showers.

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