What do footballers’ numbers signify about their squads?

What do footballers’ numbers signify about their squads?

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The jersey number is called the Camisetas De Futbol in Spain, and Jersey number can also be used in Jersey number.

The earliest football uniforms haven’t numbers,The player number was in 1928, Chelsea played against Arsenal in the English First Divsion League.

In 1949, since the ninth round of the Argentine Serie A, it was clearly stipulated that players must wear jerseys with numbers. Since then, countries around the world have followed suit.

In the World Cup, the jersey Camisetas De Futbol numbered began in the Swiss World Cup in 1954.

In early football, the formation was relatively fixed, and the jersey Camisetas De Futbol Baratas numbers were arranged in sequence according to the formation.

With the development of football, jersey numbers have gradually become richer, and jersey numbers have been given more meaning.

The famous No. 10 jersey-a symbol of the core of the midfield. Although the No. 10 jersey is not defined by anyone, it seems to have become an honor and a symbol. Being able to wear the No. 10 jersey is like the Bailey and Maradona of that year, becoming the soul of the team.

There are 11 people on the football field. As the 12th person on the field, the fans have always given great encouragement to the team, so the number 12 is sometimes used as a fan number.

The jersey number will retire, there are usually several situations:

The players dedicated their careers to a club:

Milan legend Paul Maldini on May 31, 2009, After playing away with Florence, he officially retired。And Milan’s No. 3 shirt was sealed.

Milan No. 6 shirt worn by Baresi permanently retired。As a legend of the Red and Black Legions, Baresi is regarded as a loyal endorsement,Even when Milan were relegated, he followed the team.

Great stars who have made great contributions to the club:

In 1984, Maradona joined Naples. his arrival completely changed the fate of the Naples club. He alone took Naples to the top, winning two Serie A titles and one UEFA Cup title. In order to thank Maradona, Naples decided to retire the No. 10 jersey.

The player died unexpectedly:

In the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup on June 26, 2003, Cameroon against Colombia, Vivian Fu suffered a sudden heart attack and died suddenly without a ball near the middle circle, only 28 years old. Later, in order to commemorate Vivian Fu, Manchester City announced the retirement of No. 23 jersey worn by Vivian Fu, Lyon and Lance of Ligue 1 also announced the retirement of the No. 17 jersey he had worn.

No. 0 jersey-Moroccan forward Zero Ali Hicham Zerouali, after joining the Aberdeen team in Scotland in 2000, chose the No. 0 jersey because his nickname is “Zero” (zero, the first four letters of his name). However, the league has since changed the rules to prohibit players from wearing No. 0.

During his time at Bayern, Bixente Lizarazu chose to wear No. 69. In the face of doubts from outsiders, he said that he chose No. 69 because he was born in 1969, weighs 69 kg and is 169 cm tall.

Three-digit jersey

In the 2010 Asian Cup, Thomas Oar wore No. 121 to play for Australia, which was the only triple-digit jersey that can be seen in international competitions.

Adolfo Bautista Adolfo Bautista wears the No. 100 jersey in the game against Guadalajara Chivas.

“+ Mathematics” on the jersey

If the players cannot get their favorite number, they will also choose a roundabout tactic, adding a “+” between the two digits.

The most famous is Ivan Zamorano. Ronaldo gave up No. 10 to Baggio, and Samorano gave Ronaldo the number 9 that was significant to him. He put on “1 + 8”.

This method was followed by many people. Clinton Morrison, who was originally wearing No. 10 at Crystal Palace Football Club, did not get the No. 10 jersey after transferring to Coventry Football Clubhttps://www.camisetafutboles.com, so he chose the “1 + 9” jersey for the 2008/09 season.

Ade Akinbiyi, after transferring to Crystal Palace, he didn’t get the number 10 he wanted, so he used “5 + 5” instead.

What’s your jersey number?

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