Topworks plastic mold company provide injection molds of the highest quality to a large number of customers worldwide

Topworks plastic mold company provide injection molds of the highest quality to a large number of customers worldwide

Plastic injection molded parts and products are used extensively for a large number of applications. One of the main investments for manufacturing molded plastic items is the injection mold. Hence companies worldwide manufacturing plastic molded products and components are interested in finding a reliable and cost effective manufacturer of injection molds for the plastic items. Though some businesses and people are prejudiced against Chinese companies, especially regarding quality, some of the Chinese injection mold companies like Topworks plastic mold company provide injection molds of the highest quality to a large number of customers worldwide.

Some of the reasons why companies worldwide should select Topworks for all their injection mold orders are discussed below. In the last 35 years, China has become the manufacturing hub of the world, producing a large number of products for customers world. Many of these products use plastic components or are made from plastic in China. Manufacturing the molds for millions of plastic products has helped Topworks develop the expertise to design and manufacture a wide range of high quality plastic molds at affordable rates. Typically the cost of the injection mold from Topworks is usually 35% lower than elsewhere.

In the last few decades, Topworks mold has become the preferred injection mold supplier for a large number of European and American businesses because of its excellent quality, pricing and delivery time. For this Topworks has excellent systems, well trained, experienced staff, high quality machines for manufacturing the mold and uses tool steel from reputed suppliers for the mold. Their design and sales staff are fluent in English which ensures that there is misunderstanding with the client. In addition to the design engineers, the sales staff is also well trained in CAD, mold design, so that they can understand the customer requirement better.

For ordering the injection mold required, the customer has to first specify the dimensions of the product for which the mold is required. He will also have to indicate the quantity of plastic items which will be manufactured using the mold. If a lower quantity like one million plastic items are being manufactured, softer and more inexpensive steel can be used, while for quantities which exceed ten million, harder tool steel is used, which is more expensive. After the information is received, the mold designer will finalize the structure, material of the mold, and prepare a design of the mold. This design will be submitted to the client for approval.

Since modifying the injection mold while it is being manufactured, is expensive, Topworks tries to ensure that approved mold design is final. After this the mold is manufactured from tool steel using different process like milling, drilling, grinding and EDM machining. The mold is then polished using a lathe. To check the mold quality and design, sample plastic components are manufactured. After the quality control at Topworks has confirmed that the mold conforms to the quality standard, it is dispatched to the customer. If required a prototype mold can also be provided at a lower cost. Thus the excellent systems and experienced staff ensure that Topworks manufactures the highest quality injection molds for clients worldwide.

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