Learn the BEST Marketing Strategies with Janet Hayward

Learn the BEST Marketing Strategies with Janet Hayward

Janet Hayward, Marketing Strategist
Strategies for Attracting Buyers Instead of Freebie Seekers Revealed

CLEVELAND, OH – Running a business isn’t just having the resources. Beyond having the staff, equipment, space, and knowledge you need, there’s one major aspect that so many aspiring entrepreneurs get wrong: marketing. There’s so much that can go right, and so much that can go wrong. Thankfully, for those looking to maximize their marketing skills, Janet Hayward, a professional marketing strategist, is offering her expertise to anyone who needs it.

Janet Hayward is a marketing strategist and life coach who works with new life and business coaches to develop their online business and marketing strategy. She knows how to guide a new coach to develop a product that sells and get it in front of people who are looking to buy. Janet developed the BEST Marketing Academy to help new coaches decrease the time it takes for them to have a profitable business. 

Her BEST (Business Engagement Sales Technique) Marketing Academy is her new program for aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs. Over the course of sixteen weeks, she will help participants draw up a roadmap for success, create a product or service that brings in customers, and develop support systems like sales funnels and email marketing campaigns.

She walks her participants through every step of the process, breaking it down as much as possible in order to make the process go smoothly. All too often, she sees entrepreneurs given rigid templates to follow. While these templates may act as solid blueprints, following them is often easier said than done. Janet aims to simplify the process without dumbing it down. Clear, effective communication and guidance is essential for executing any plan to launch or develop an emerging business.

By the time her program is over, her participants will not only be ready to take on the world, but they will also be able to stand on their own with the support systems they’ve built for themselves in her done-with-you program. No matter how confused or overwhelmed they may feel at the start of the process, by the end, they’ll be experts in their fields, ready for all the success bound to come their way.

What makes Janet different from other marketing coaches? “My superpower is being able to take the complicated and make it simple,” she says. “My students start with a vision for their dream business and end with having an effective strategy and all of the support assets (funnels and email autoresponders) created. While their competitors are still figuring out the basics, I get them up and running at full capacity.”

Janet is hosting a 5-day Foundations of Marketing Masterclass on February 1st, 2021. Any and all entrepreneurs or coaches are welcome to attend and are encouraged to join her Facebook group to be notified of how to get signed up for this masterclass. For more information about Janet and her BEST Marketing Academy, visit her website. Interested parties can also sign up for email updates here.

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