The Mastermind of Horror, Joe Ciminera Presents a New Movie Titled, Corona Virus Quarantine

“Quarantine: Put trust in God and not in humanity”

New York – April 3rd, 2020 – Mastermind of horror, Joe Ciminera, who is known for always creating great movies, has come again! This time around, he presents a new movie that addresses the current scourge of coronavirus that is affecting the whole world. The movie presents the right solution to the scourge, which is simply turning to God. 

The movie starts with the whole world in pandemonium and pestilence, but a man who is a born again and a serious Christian is set apart by God to save the mankind. As the multiple streams of viruses infect a nation, men starts to look for solutions where there is none and forget to call on God for a way out. This man quarantines himself with the hopes of getting into the mountains for shelter. The movie maintains that it is only God that has the perfect answer to every problems and He is ready to heal the world of COVID-19 and other diseases, only if human beings can turn to him.

As a mastermind of horror, Joe Ciminera uses iPhone 11 to shoot the whole movie within a short period – in fact, the whole making of Corona Virus Quarantine lasted three days. In addition to that, the movie only lasts 29 minutes and 44 seconds, which means it can be screened at a go by any viewer. Being a story that addresses what is currently going globally, Corona Virus Quarantine can be seen by both the young and old as it gives them tips and ideas on how to safeguard their soul and body. As humanity is currently at the brink of losing its essence, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the movie Corona Virus Quarantine perfectly explains that each person should put their faith in God and not humanity.

While addressing a team of Journalists on Skype, prior to the launching of Corona Virus Quarantine, Joe Ciminera said, “I was inspired by God almighty to write the script for this movie exactly when the outbreak of corona virus was first announced on CNN. Just like Noah, God directed me to tell the world, through my one-cast movie Corona Virus Quarantine, that He still loves the world and would always give away out even at the time when the battle rages on. Corona Virus Quarantine is a movie that captures the love of God for every man as He always shows us His goodness even when we less deserve it.”

Unlike some other movie producers that only make movies for monetary gain, Joe Ciminera is presenting Corona Virus Quarantine to preach the gospel and, at the same time to proffer perfect solution to the coronavirus scourge. A snippet of Corona Virus Quarantine can be watched freely on the official YouTube of Joe Ciminera “Joe Ciminera Presents” The channel majors on filming, photography, editing, tutorials, and a guide to securing funding for film or any other TV project.

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