The Drop Mic – The Hot New Novelty Gift for the Office

This press release is to announce the release of Drop Mic, a product from BELTBOX, LLC. The product can now be purchased from

New York, USA – 13th October, 2016 – A mic drop is a sign of deliberately dropping one’s microphone when a speech or performance ends to signify nothing more can be said. Symbolically, it is a gesture used to show how well you have just performed. It was during the 1980s that this gesture was first used by comedians and rappers. Recently, this gagbecame very famous when President Obama dropped the mic at the correspondents dinner saying, “Obama Out.”

The new gag gift is Drop Mic, a heavy metallic prop mic and a luxurious wood box that can be seated on a desk and is ideal for colleagues, bosses, teachers, etc for when anyone wants to make a point and drop the mic. The company feels you should never be without a mic to drop!

The producer of the product stated thus about the product: “This product can replace the unsatisfying action of miming a mic drop. Stop miming your mic drops when you can really make a statement.”

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Alex Pepper, founder, is an actor/entrepreneur who opened BELTBOX as a means to avoid waiting tables. After creating a vocal mute for singers to warm-up into, the most recent product of the company is The Drop Mic, which is a joke/gag souvenir for anybody who ever wanted to “drop the mic”.

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