Introducing Simple Clinical Secure Messaging Solution from ShareSmart

October 13, 2016 – Vancouver, BC, Canada – With a little interdisciplinary collaboration assistance from ShareSmart, Canadian healthcare is better poised to embrace the digital era. The highly encrypted chat and photo-sharing app for Canadian healthcare professionals is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices.

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As Rena Tabata, CEO of Think Tank Innovations, the company behind the app noted, ShareSmart is Canadian health information privacy legislation compliant and runs on NorthCloud, Canada’s most secure cloud server that is dedicated to ShareSmart.

ShareSmart hit the market about two months ago and it’s already managed to capture more than 3,200 authenticated users, courtesy of a dozen backers who run some of Canada’s biggest asset management companies, medicolegal practices, health centers and medical school and residency programs.

The company looks to further the clinical secure messaging experience with introduction of a web-based interface and enhanced video by year-end.

“Canadian health information legislation compliancy is essential when you are handling sensitive patient photos and information. What you’re using now on your smartphone likely isn’t,” Tabata noted, adding that the app allows users to take high definition photos and share them immediately with colleagues, and patients can provide their consent with either a finger or a stylus signature.

“Consent is automatically synced with the photos and photo details show with whom you’ve shared the photo with and what date you should archive the photo until. You can even revoke access to a previously shared photo. While consent-collection is proprietary to our app, this along with the core features including the camera, one-on-one and group chat, and photo and contact management are very intuitive so that it is easy to begin enjoying ShareSmart to its full capacity, immediately.”

The creators of the app were inspired to launch ShareSmart after colleagues published studies that showed how many Canadian doctors and medical residents were taking clinical photos with their smartphones. Because these devices do not typically feature the level of security that is needed for storing and sharing sensitive patient information, many doctors reportedly had inadvertently breached confidentiality.

ShareSmart may only be downloaded by verified and licensed healthcare workers. The photos that are taken by the user are not kept in the phone’s built-in storage; rather, they are kept separate and directly uploaded to the secured cloud. In the event that a user’s smartphone is lost or stolen, patient health information is not deemed ‘stolen’ because of the high degree of encryption of the data. Once a user re-installs the app on to a new device, the old data can be recovered readily.

“Photos and messages can only be sent within ShareSmart to other registered users; further eliminating privacy breaches by accidentally misdirecting messages,” Tabata noted.

In the coming months and years, we anticipate seeing competing solutions, given that the battle among established healthtech players to position themselves as a one-stop-shop has been intensifying, as large segments of the Canadian health space look to streamline vendors. In any case, having assembled the most intuitive app with the largest market share seems like a notable distinction in the meantime, ear-marking Think Tank as an acquisition target for companies with bigger balance sheets.

About ShareSmart:

ShareSmart is a chat and photo-sharing app that was designed for Canadian healthcare professionals. The app is Canadian health information privacy legislation compliant and runs on NorthCloud.

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