Woman starts a crowdfunding campaign to start NGO for veterans

Lynn McCormick, from Long Beach, CA has started a fundraising campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform generosity.com. Considering the popularity of the website and several success stories of people who got funded for their various causes, Lynn has also turned to the masses for raising funds to start her own non-profit organization for the war veterans. Her goal is to raise $15k which will help her to set the foundation of the NGO that’ll work to provide relief to the war and military veterans.

Lynn is inspired by this cause from her own father who served in the US Army in the Vietnam war when she was a little girl. She saw her father getting deeply affected by serving in the military after he came back home. He faced difficulty in adjusting to the civilian life both emotionally and physically. This made her realize that there was a need to find a solution to this problem so that the military veterans can live a normal and happy life after coming back home.

Eventually, she understood the power of holistic therapy and that it can help the veterans in healing to a great extent. This therapy helps them in reducing emotional stress and get adapted to the normal life. The funds raised from the campaign will help in providing the veterans natural alternatives of healing their mind, spirit, and body.

“The war veterans have served our country so much and have gone through a lot to ensure that rest of the country can sleep in peace. It becomes our responsibility to support them when they come back home. The funds raised from the campaign will help me in starting my own NGO that’ll provide holistic therapies to the veterans,” says Lynn in her statement.

She encourages everyone to support her campaign as a gesture to give back to the army. A portion of the funds will also be used to support abused animals. The funds will be donated to the animal shelter which works to rescue and support the animals living in a poor condition.

Lynn endorses this campaign as an opportunity for the people to do something for the military veterans who have sacrificed a lot to keep the country and its people safe.

More information about the campaign can be seen on generosity.com

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