Tappy, the Revolutionary Wi-Fi Connection Tool that eliminates the need for remembering complex Wi-Fi passwords

Tappy, the Revolutionary Wi-Fi Connection Tool that eliminates the need for remembering complex Wi-Fi passwords

Much like other utilities including electricity and cable connections, the internet has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Almost everything has been automated and so many services are accessible online. This has brought about the need to install Wi-Fi in residential areas and even bars and restaurants. Most homes have a password for their Wi-Fi so as to discourage unauthorized access. However, it has to be easy to remember as the first thing people do when they visit a new place is to ask for the Wi-Fi password. This is where Tappy comes in.  

Tappy is a revolutionary Wi-Fi connection tool that eliminates the exhausting task of constantly telling visitors the Wi-Fi password. The thing about easy passwords like ‘password01′ or ‘welcome123′ is that they aren’t really safe. When it comes to complex passwords like QV6g1#X@’, remembering them can be quite a task especially when people are always asking for them. This is why Tappy is a one of a kind invention as one can easily access the internet connection with a simple tap.

The problem with manually inputted passwords is that they can be forgotten and are also prone to typing errors. It is also uncomfortable to keep sharing ones passwords with everyone that comes into their home. Not to mention the fact that complex passwords which have to be written down on paper can get misplaced. 

With Tappy, all one has to do is configure it with their app using whatever complex password they want. The Wi-Fi password used is safely stored in Tappy’s chip which means one never has to share, check or repeat their password ever again. It also ensures that no one else can overwrite the password and only the owner is capable of reconfiguring Tappy. The best thing about it is that connectivity is almost instant and all a new user has to do is tap their phone and confirm. It also doesn’t come with a plug or batteries and doesn’t require to be recharged, making it convenient.

The thing about Wi-Fi passwords is that they can be very personal and private. This is why it gets very uncomfortable when one has to keep sharing it with others, not to mention the security risks that the sharing poses. It is for this reason that Tappy is the ultimate solution. It is effective, convenient and the safest way to share a Wi-Fi connection without exposing oneself to security breaches.

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