New blockchain powered app allows the users to secure their conversations with friends and family members

In this digital world, when everything is online and data privacy is at risk more than ever, especially after the controversies of certain apps selling away user data to third parties, there has been a need to secure private messages and restore the user’s faith in online communication sources. Well, Crypviser may be a solution to this problem that uses innovative blockchain technology to secure personal messages with friends and family members. It is the world’s first blockchain based, a decentralized messenger app that allows the users to enjoy private cam and voice calls with automated blockchain encryption.

Unlike the traditional apps with public key encryption, Crypviser uses decentralized encryption keys, exchanges and authorization, eliminating the risk of data theft or man in the middle attacks. This means, all the messages, videos, photos and data reach the sender unfiltered and unblocked without any risk. It is one of its kind instant communication platform that cannot be blocked or stopped. It is anonymous in nature and uses bulletproof security using military grade encryption.

Key Features:

  • Decentralized: This instant private messaging platform is based on blockchain technologies which mean, the crucial encryption keys are authenticated and distributed among thousands of blockchain nodes, eliminating the risk of attacks to a minimum.
  • Highly Secure: The platform uses blockchain based authentication algorithm and end-to-end encryption to secure the user’s identity and messages.
  • Anonymous: It provides the users the option to make a text message public or private. Also, it doesn’t require the user’s phone number or SMS verification.
  • Intrusion Detection: Crypviser also detects any spy or trojan attacks by third parties, to the phone’s camera, microphone, screen or keyboards.
  • File Sharing: Unlike a few other messenger apps in the market, Crypviser has no file sharing size limit.
  • Multi-device support: The app runs on multiple devices, with one app account
  • Secure Sync: The platform allows the users to synchronize all their messages and information to all their devices, in a fully encrypted mode.

is the app people have been waiting for, to communicate online securely and privately.  One of the major features of the app is intrusion detection and MiTM attack protection, which is not being offered by any other app in the market as of now. While chatting, sharing data or video calling on the Crypviser app, the users can stay assured that their data is not accessible to any third parties.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users on their respective app downloading platforms. More information about the Crypviser app and network can be found on their official website.






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