Successful Conclusion of Haier Biomedical’s UNICEF Training Session in Tunisia

Driven by the international landscape, the biomedical industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years, prompting an increase in the demand for biomedical products in the global market, which, in turn, has led to a golden period for the development of vaccine safety, safe storage of medical reagents, and comprehensive cold chain solutions. From research institutes to pharmaceutical companies, biomedical products have found their applications in a wide range of industries.

As a life science and medical innovation digital ecological brand, Haier Biomedical has consistently prioritized user satisfaction, with a strong focus on creating the best user experience and establishing a professional after-sales service system. The company emphasizes not only product quality and technology innovation, but also localized service quality and response time. In this context, it has regularly conducted training sessions aimed at fostering communication with its local partners.

Haier Biomedical was recently invited by UNICEF Tunisia to provide technical training on vaccine cold chain and remote temperature monitoring device (RTMD) for the Tunisian Ministry of Health, aiming to offer systematic and standardized training to technicians and end-users from the Tunisian Ministry of Health. This event comprehensively covered various aspects such as product installation, use, maintenance, repair, and other relevant knowledge, and introduced Haier Biomedical’s full-scenario vaccine storage and transportation solutions with PQS certification, thereby ensuring vaccine safety and the best experience for local users throughout the entire process.

This training session emphasized knowledge on the RTMD system, which can cater to users’ requirements for real-time monitoring of temperature changes in cold chain equipment, enable users to conveniently monitor the operational status of the cold chain equipment using computers, cell phones, or other electronic devices, promptly alert users to any faults that may occur during the operation of the cold chain equipment, such as abnormal temperature, door opening, or power failure. The system also provides users with a large number of temperature data reports, allowing them to analyze the current condition of the stored items, effectively monitoring vaccine temperatures, thereby ensuring vaccine safety.

In Tunisia, Haier Biomedical’s products hold a market share of over 60% in local cold chain projects, so the company places great significance on pre-sales and after-sales service training for its products. During the Haier Biomedical Dealer Conference in May this year, service providers from Tunisia visited the Haier Biomedical headquarters to learn and exchange knowledge about vaccine refrigerators, and subsequently shared learned knowledge with the locals in Tunisia, resulting in significant impact. According to the company’s Tunisian partners, this recent training session helped “more intuitively and comprehensively enhance understanding of Haier Biomedical’s cold chain system, enabling better customer service.” In the future, they will continue to closely follow Haier Biomedical’s other products and further strengthen their collaboration with the company.


This event in Tunisia not only enhanced Haier Biomedical’s brand recognition among local partners but also provided valuable product feedback to the company, enabling the company to innovate and expand new scenarios in future product development, offering clients new, safer, and more reliable solutions.

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