How To Choose The Drop Clamp For Flat Or Round Cable

When it comes to choosing a drop clamp for people’s fiber optic drop cables, there are a few important considerations to take into account.

1)Confirm which shape of cable people are using

The first step is to determine whether people require a clamp for a flat or round cable. This decision will influence the style of clamp that they select. There are some common cable shape of cables in market- Flat type, figure-8 type, round type etc.

2)Choose proper drop clamp refer to cable size

After confirming the shape of the cable they are using, the next is need to consider the size of their cables. It’s essential to choose a clamp with a range that fits their particular size, as this will ensure that the clamp provides the necessary support and protection to their cable.

3)Need to consider the tension load requested

The weight of the cable is also essential to consider when selecting the appropriate drop clamp. Make sure that the clamp people choose can properly support the weight of the cable to avoid any potential damage or safety issues. Drop clamp can be made of UV resistant plastic, stainless steel etc and due to the materials the tensile load may be different.

4)Need to consider the installation method of clamp

It’s also necessary to investigate the installation process of the clamp. Choose a clamp that has easy-to-follow instructions and straightforward installation steps. Moreover, they should choose a clamp that can be easily removed if required. Usually there are three type of drop clamps in market: Shim clamping type (ODWAC),Cable coiling type and Wedge clamping type.

In summary, finding the perfect drop clamp for their flat or round cable can be accomplished by taking into account a variety of factors such as the type of cable, cable size, tension load, and ease of installation. By being diligent in choosing a clamp that suits all of these criteria, people can rest assured that their cable will remain safe and secure for years to come.

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