ULT Freezers: Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency Improving Sustainability

With the growth of the world’s population and the rapid development of the economy, the problem of energy supply and energy consumption is becoming more and more prominent, how to efficiently utilize energy resources, reduce energy consumption, improve energy utilization has become one of the important issues that need to be resolved in today’s society, in this environment, energy consumption energy efficiency energy management has inevitably become a key link in the field of biomedical field to achieve sustainable development.

Ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers are used across a wide range of scientific disciplines for the medium to long term storage of biological samples, drugs, enzymes and chemicals. Cryopreservation between -40°C and -86°C preserves important specimens over indefinite periods of time without degradation, making them a vital part of a research and clinical laboratory. Unfortunately, ULT freezers operating between -70°C and -80°C consume around 16-22 KWh of electricity per day, making them extremely energy intensive and costly to run. In reality, the typical electricity usage of ULT freezers is frequently even higher than this, with older units operating in very warm ambient conditions being the worst offenders. This high consumption also raises environmental concerns, motivating labs to look for ways to make their freezers more energy efficient and support their institution’s sustainability goals.

A quick and highly effective way for labs to reduce their electricity consumption – and therefore their utilities bills and environmental impact – is simply to upgrade to newer, more energy-efficient ULT freezers. For example, frequency conversion ULT compressor technology enables a 900 litre ULT freezer to use less than 10 KWh of electricity each day, which is 50 percent less than many older models of the same size. These energy-efficient frequency conversion models can offer significant savings over the lifetime of a freezer, and provide a more eco-friendly alternative for environmentally focused institutions.

When making purchasing decisions, look for ULT freezers with built-in energy saving features that can help to reduce electricity usage and running costs, including vacuum insulated panels, multi-layered door seals, hydrocarbon refrigerants and microprocessor controllers. The long term financial savings resulting from lower energy consumption will soon outweigh the higher initial investment associated with these newer, greener models, enabling labs of all sizes to support the industrywide shift towards net zero.

The TwinCool ULT freezer range with frequency conversion compressor technology from Haier Biomedical features two independent refrigeration systems, which operate on demand depending on ambient conditions, to ensure samples are fully protected even under challenging conditions or in the unlikely event of a compressor failure. The frequency conversion compressors have adaptive control, following user patterns and adjusting the refrigeration system, substantially reducing energy without compromising performance. The TwinCool also features an innovative cabinet design and hydrocarbon refrigerants, giving this entire range impressive energy consumption figures, excellent uniformity ( ±3℃) and extended temperature holdover times during power failure.

Comprehensive Cold Chain Solutions

We are a leading provider of laboratory and medical equipment, with a mission to enable better lives globally. We provide innovative, robust and sustainable products and services to the life science sector, and are proud to be the sole manufacturer offering a complete range of cold chain products covering all temperature ranges, from -196 to +4°C. Moreover, our products are supported by a comprehensive wireless monitoring system that ensures compliance with healthcare regulations.

Leaders in Sustainability

Haier Biomedical is a pioneer in corporate sustainability and green innovation, taking the lead in integrating intelligent design, environmental protection and sustainability into all production workflows. n terms of cold chain product materials, Haier Biomedical strictly follows the requirements of laws and regulations, carefully audits the qualifications of suppliers, further improves the procurement process and mechanism, and prioritizes the procurement of renewable and recyclable materials in the selection of parts and components, and raises the proportion year by year to mitigate the adverse impact on the environment. Through its own practice, Haier Biomedical has opened the stage of green and low-carbon development in the industry, empowered the practice of carbon reduction with technological innovation, and continued to lead the industry in green transformation and development.

Cutting-edge Designs

Haier Biomedical’s ULT freezer portfolio features state-of-the-art advancements in refrigeration technology that greatly reduce energy consumption. For instance, hydrocarbon refrigerants save up to 50 percent of a unit’s energy consumption, significantly reducing running costs. They also achieve near-zero global warming potential – and zero ozone depletion potential – vastly improving refrigeration efficiency and drastically reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, our patented frequency conversion compressor uses proprietary Adaptive Technology, setting it apart from industry-standard single speed compressors, which simply cycle on and off. This means that the compressor can quickly adapt to conditions inside and outside of the freezer, by adjusting its running speed for optimal cooling performance. The drive runs at a lower speed when conditions are normal, conserving energy while effectively protecting samples.

As technology continues to advance and people’s environmental awareness grows, more and more laboratories and medical institutions are choosing low carbon equipment. If you want to make ultra-low temperature freezer in the laboratory to achieve cost reduction, improve energy utilization and sustainable development, then contact us.

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