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London – June 28, 2023 – Jolu Productions, a dynamic film production company, is excited to announce the development of their highly anticipated indie feature, ‘Conquest.’ This quintessential martial arts thriller follows the story of Alexander, a widower and unforgiving vigilante seeking revenge for his wife’s tragic murder trial. Fueled by grief and exceptional martial arts skills, Alexander takes justice into his own hands, vowing to eliminate her killer and anyone who stands in his way. ‘Conquest’ skillfully blends gritty action sequences with profound drama and a touch of secret society intrigue, unfolding within the corrupt structures of power in the heart of the British capital.

Declan Greenwood, a seasoned martial artist and the screenwriter of ‘Conquest,’ explains, “We want to create a film that has the potential to become an amazing franchise, one that adds to the collection of brilliant martial arts films while invigorating the genre. And we want to actually match or surpass the financial target on crowdfunding campaign” At the core of this exciting project is a team of devoted martial artists and film professionals aiming to create a visually captivating spectacle that masterfully marries their respective art forms.

The official cast and crew for ‘Conquest’ include a diverse array of martial arts experts and seasoned film professionals:


Director: Moses Anderson (Kickboxing, JKD)

Producer: Yann Dominic (Taekwondo 3rd Dan black belt, Boxing, MMA)

Writer: Declan Greenwood (Jujitsu 2nd Dan black belt, Krav-Maga, Kobudo)

Director of Photography: Tunde-Jolu

Editor: Umberto Ton

Fight Director: Jack Stockdale (Equity accredited fight director)

Fight Choreographer: Dale Raven

Stills Photographer: Ruby Hyde

Make-Up Artist: Georgia Wheadon

Social Media Content Creator: Alfie Jepp & Molly Coffee

Sound Design: Sammy Lyu


Yann Dominic as Alexander, The Vigilante (Taekwondo 3rd Dan black belt) – Instagram: @yannickdominck

Jemima Nzinga as Rochelle, the Step-Sister (Taekwondo, Stage combat) – Instagram: @ray_0f_sunshine777_

Oria-Sola Adewuyi as Ariola, the Daughter

Lemi as The Themis Leader (Kung fu, MMA) – Instagram: @atenheals

George Verrall as Brandt, The Corrupt Millionaire – Instagram: @georgeverrall

Ryan Thompson as Sensei (Boxing, Screen fighting)

Dale Raven as Brandt’s Assistant (Fight choreographer) – Instagram: @thedaleraven

Jordan Abrams as Brandt’s Chief Bodyguard (Boxing, Weapons) – Instagram: @jordan_Abrams99

‘Conquest’ is a genre-blending project that promises to captivate a wide scope of movie-goers, aiming to grace big screens worldwide and reach as many film fanatics as possible. To support this vision, the team has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to cover production expenses, including travel, equipment, marketing, festival submissions, and distribution. By joining the campaign, supporters will have the opportunity to earn special rewards, including tickets to the film’s premiere and a mention in the movie’s credits. It is through the collective efforts of audiences and investors that ‘Conquest’ can transform into the enthralling action thriller envisioned by the team.

To contribute to the ‘Conquest’ Crowdfunder campaign and learn more about the film, please visit:—martial-arts-action-thriller-film

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