Attendees of the JLC Fashion Show Will Get the Opportunity to Experience Fashion and Indulge in the Finest Tequila at the Enchanting Mery Farm

At the upcoming JLC Fashion Show at Mery Farm, Eleven20 Tequila will provide attendees with a tasting experience featuring their Blanco, Reposado, and AƱejo tequilas, while showcasing the latest fashion trends in a glamorous setting.

Attendees can anticipate a remarkable display of the latest fashion trends at the highly anticipated JLC Fashion Show, which will unfold against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Mery Farm on July 1st, 2023. Elevating the event’s allure, Eleven20 Tequila invites guests to savor a delightful tasting, imparting an extra touch of sophistication to the evening.

Eight exceptionally talented international designers will showcase their latest collections on the runway. From exquisite dresses to innovative accessories, these visionary designers will unveil the hottest trends in fashion, leaving the audience in awe of their boundless creativity and artistry.

Playing the role of the esteemed host for the JLC Fashion Show is Shane SantaCroce from SMG Models. In 2010, Shane SantaCroce founded SantaCroce Model Group with the vision of establishing an ethical, professional, and transparent agency, driven by his own daughter’s aspirations. Though his daughter chose a different path, SantaCroce’s unwavering commitment to guiding and supporting individuals in their pursuit of dreams has served as an inspiration to countless others.

During the JLC Fashion Show, Eleven20 Tequila will be offering attendees an exquisite selection of their finest tequilas. Guests will get to experience the approachability and smoothness of Eleven20 Tequila’s Blanco. For those seeking a more refined taste, they can indulge in Eleven20 Tequila’s Reposado, aged for a minimum of three months. And for the connoisseurs of tequila, Eleven20 Tequila will be offering their Añejo, aged for a minimum of 12 months.

Nestled amidst lush gardens and boasting stunning scenery, the Mery Farm provides the perfect backdrop for this glamorous affair. Located at 25900 Southwest 197th Avenue, Homestead, FL 33031, this venue emanates elegance and charm, setting the stage for an enchanting evening.

Eleven20 Tequila

Eleven20 Tequila is an award-winning tequila crafted with traditional distilling techniques and a passion for excellence. Founded by a husband-and-wife team, the brand uses only premium blue agave sourced from producers in the region. Through their commitment to quality, Eleven20 Tequila has become recognized as an innovator of flavor and aromas, with its signature blend being celebrated by mixologists and connoisseurs alike. With a culture rooted in respect for tradition, expertise, and craftsmanship, each bottle of Eleven20 Tequila is a testament to the highest standards of excellence.

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