Shires Law Explains in Detail How the No Win, No Fee Policy Works

With the number of personal injury cases rising in recent years, it’s no surprise that more individuals are seeking compensation. And when it comes to a No Win, No Fee arrangement, Shires Law has clear answers.

UNITED KINGDOM – 2017 – Nowadays, there are different kinds of treatments a person can avail of when it comes to cosmetic and beauty procedures. One such treatment is laser hair removal, and it has helped thousands of individuals get rid of body hair in various areas with ease. But since there are more treatments available, there are also more cases of personal injury. More individuals are seeking claims for personal injuries such as burns, skin discolouration, scarring and disfigurement, and more.

Although most people may have already heard of the No Win, No Fee arrangement, not many may be aware of how exactly it works, and how exactly it can help them. Some individuals who have become victims of personal injury may actually be hesitant about filing a claim simply because they lack knowledge regarding the law and don’t know how the No Win, No Fee policy works.

Shires Law seeks to address this issue by explaining the intricacies of the No Win, No Fee arrangement. “No Win, No Fee agreements (or Conditional Fee Agreements) were introduced by the government in 2000 for personal injury compensation claims after abolishing legal aid for most injury cases. The purpose was to give more people access to justice following an accident that wasn’t their fault.”

According to Shires Law, the No Win, No Fee arrangement has proven to be quite successful as a legal strategy, since more people are making claims for compensation, especially those who are simply innocent victims and have gone through injury, grief, or distress due to another person or entity’s irresponsibility, negligence, or ignorance.

The beauty of a No Win, No Fee arrangement is that a person wanting to bring forth a claim need not lay down any expense for filing the claim for compensation. There is no cost in bringing forth a claim, particularly when it comes to finding the right legal help. The arrangement is such that if the client loses or does not get any compensation, they will not have to pay the solicitor any fee – hence the term ‘No Win, No Fee’.

Shires Law has helped numerous individuals seek claims for laser burns, workplace accidents, slips and falls, and more through the years. Starting a claim is easy as well, and all one has to do is submit a form on the Shires Law website or request a call back.

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