Downlights Direct explains why GU10 LEDs are increasingly preferred by customers

There are many different types of downlights available today, but the GU10 downlights range from Downlights Direct have significantly increased in popularity in recent times. Downlights Direct offers a very simple explanation why.

UNITED KINGDOM – 2017 – Downlights have proven their worth in more ways than one, as Downlights Direct confirms. For one, downlights are more energy-efficient and have proven to consume less energy than traditional lighting, and they can last longer and have better performance as well. What’s more, LED downlights have an array of different features which make them stand out, such as a dimming feature, a fire rated feature, better and broader beam angles, and more.

But amongst the many different downlight products available at the Downlights Direct website (all from the most well-known brands as well), one type of downlight has become more popular and more preferred than ever: the range of GU10 downlights from such brands and manufacturers as Philips, Aurora, Megaman, and more.

Downlights Direct knows expressly what customers are looking for, and it seems that more and more customers are opting for these types of downlights for various reasons. One main reason for the GU10 LED’s popularity is due to its efficiency and versatility. The Aurora Enlite 5W, for example, is a product which is in high demand. As Downlights Direct explains, “(The) high output 5 watt GU10 LED…is part of Aurora’s Enlite range, delivering a bright 520 lumen output. It has a wide beam angle of 60 degrees which helps to spread the light out further and more constantly. This combination of a brighter light and wider beam spreads more light out across a larger area of a room, allowing fewer downlights to be installed. Aurora Enlite LEDs are part of an economy range of lighting products that offers a longer lasting, cost effective lighting solution.”

So as mentioned, this Aurora Enlite 5W not only helps customers save money as customers don’t have to install as many downlights in a room due to its wide beam – it also has brighter and more focused lighting which makes it ideal for various rooms in the home, whether it’s the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and more.

Another distinguishing characteristic of the Aurora Enlite 5W is its non-dimmable or dimmable capacity. Downlights Direct gives more information: “This LED is regarded as the best dimmable GU10 LED on the market and is on many of the UK’s leading dimmer switch and home automation manufacturers’ list of approved LEDs.”

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