Customers can now add more value to their homes with walk in showers, as confirmed by JT Spas

Whilst there may be different kinds of showers available today, walk in showers such as those found at JT Spas offer much better value for money – and can dramatically enhance the value of one’s home as well.

JT Spas has been offering a number of bathroom products for years, and its collection of products include furniture, toilets and basins, baths, taps, and shower enclosures. JT Spas has been able to partner with some well-known brands and manufacturers, with such brands as Royce Morgan, Hudson Reed, Aqualux, Jupiter Showering, Insignia, Aquaplus, Moods, and AquaLusso among its partners. Through this partnership, JT Spas has also been able to offer premium bathroom products at more affordable, competitive prices.

But amongst the products available at JT Spas, walk in showers have now become more popular. More homeowners are opting to refurbish and remodel their bathrooms with walk in showers, and walk in showers are now a more likely option for newly-built homes as well. One reason for this, as suggested by JT Spas, is that walk in showers can add substantial value to a home. Nowadays, more individuals are looking for comfort and convenience in their bathrooms, and a walk in shower serves as an efficient and attractive solution. With the addition of a walk in shower, a home’s value can automatically increase. As a matter of fact, estate agents are more actively looking for walk in showers in different homes because these showers can up the home’s value significantly.

Walk in showers need not be all that expensive, either, as proven by JT Spas. For those who think that walk in showers are costly and difficult to install, JT Spas proves them wrong. Today, there is a full range of walk in showers that are not only more affordable but can be easily installed as well.

One example is the Phoenix Access Corner Enclosure, which measures 900mm, with a side panel made from glass and chrome. This walk in shower enclosure is offered at only £154.05, but it has a regular retail price of £237 in other shops. Another well-known brand is Lakes, which offers the Lakes Bathroom Classic Silver walk in return panel measuring 700mm for only £161 (down from a regular price of £244). Another bestseller on the JT Spas site is the Premier Aegean Walk in Shower Enclosure, which measures 1400mm by 906mm. The enclosure is available for £266.70 (down from £381), and it comes with a Lifetime Manufacturers’ Warranty, 6mm glass paneling, polished chrome fittings, and reversible glass. The enclosure is also available with either right hand or left hand trays.

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JT Spas is a popular bathroom product supplier offering affordable yet quality bathroom products, which include an extensive walk in shower selection. All bathroom products are featured on the JT Spas website. 

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