Ranchmax Announces The Launch Of Its Record-Keeping System For Farmers And Homesteaders

Providers of innovative farm management solutions, Ranchmax, introduce their record-keeping system for farmers, homesteaders, and ranchers, with access to an all-inclusive database

The Ranchmax team, led by Gary Parks, a retired military and avid homesteader, has reiterated their commitment to supporting farmers, especially middle-class homesteaders and farmers across the United States to effectively manage their farms, as the company introduces their user-friendly farm record keeping system. In a related development, the database will be free for the first few hundred as long as they agree to be beta testers and give feedback, in line to deliver the best user experience.

One of the major challenges faced by millions of farmers in different parts of the world is managing their records, especially due to the plethora of assets and resources under their care. Over the years, a plethora of solutions have been developed to ease the process of record management for farmers. Unfortunately, many of such tools are not comprehensive enough to meet the needs of users. However, Ranchmax is looking to help farmers to maximize their resources with the introduction of their recording keeping system.

Ranchmax adopts a unique, all-inclusive approach, providing a database for all sets of animals, as well as records of financial tracking like bills including vet bills, feed bills, and a host of others. The site provides a record-keeping system for farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, and anyone that raises livestock, chickens, honey bees, and other similar animals. Ranchmark is particularly unique as it uses the latest technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) for a visual representation of the progress of animals, covering the birth rate, death rate, addition of new breeds, utilised medical services, vaccination records, and a host of other important information. The site is also accessible to users, irrespective of their location or time.

For further information about Ranchmax and the solutions offered, visit – https://ranchmax.com/. Ranchmax can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

About Ranchmax

Ranchmax was founded by Gary Parks, a retired military, former law enforcement, and avid homesteader. Described as the world’s best technology-based record-keeping website, the platform enables users to keep their farm records in a systemic and easily accessible way, with information about the number of farm animals with their particular breeds, their healthcare records, hatching records, poultry records, and records about apiary.

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