Why is certification of biodegradable tableware important?

Zhongxin isn’t the only company that makes compostable catering supplies. But first, let’s look at why so many waste management companies only work with Zhongxin for commercial composting.

To summarize, Zhongxin works tirelessly behind the scenes to reassure customers, composters, and collectors that  products can – and do – compost.

Compostable, biodegradable, and degradable?

What difference does it make? Caterers are well-versed in their products, but packaging can be challenging. So let’s use an example to bring it to life.

To offer brownies or buns to go, y staff restaurant requires little bags. You find some with the word “degradable” in green lettering. Isn’t degradable the same as biodegradable when it comes to composting?

Unfortunately, no – these are ordinary plastics with a chemical composition that causes them to shatter into a swarm of tiny plastic flakes. There’s nothing composting or recyclable about it; it’s just a gigantic litter problem.

These oxo-degradable plastic bags are still widely used in the EU, but they will be prohibited across the EU starting in July 2021. Don’t be deceived by marketing terms like oxo-biodegradable, biotransformation, or even omni-degradable.

A simple blunder like this could result in plastic contamination of the soil, which is the last thing anyone wants.  clients want their waste to become high-grade compost for farmers’ fields, and that starts with compostable disposables of the highest quality.

With over 200 products in range, certification is a major investment for. But it’s incredibly important to demonstrate  products are suitable for industrial composting.”

Zhongxin offers a variety of creative products created from renewable and recycled materials, such as bowls, cups, lids, plates and containers.

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