Is sugarcane bagasse eco-friendly and compostable?

Have people been troubled by garbage sorting in the past two years? Every time people finish eating food, people have to dispose of dry garbage and wet garbage separately, and people have to carefully pick out the leftovers from the disposable lunch boxes and throw them into two garbage cans respectively.

The significance of environmental protection needs no introduction. But environmental protection should not make the lives of ordinary people become full of trouble, “I have the intention to contribute, but I would like to be more relaxed.”

Environmental protection should be a meaningful and valuable thing, moreover, it should be an easy thing.

This is the time to use environmentally friendly materials. There are many materials on the market that promote environmental protection, such as corn starch, PLA, but the real environmental protection materials must be compostable and degradable, and the biggest difficulty in compostable degradation is to solve the problem of food waste composting. Simply put, compostable materials are composted together with food waste, rather than designing a system for compostable materials alone. Compostable materials are only designed to solve the problem of food waste. For example, if people have a take-out lunch box, and people are halfway through a take-out meal and there are leftovers in it, if the lunch box is compostable, people can throw the leftovers and the lunch box together into the food waste treatment unit and compost them together.

So is there a lunch box that is compostable and degradable? The answer is yes, and that is sugarcane pulp tableware.

The raw material for sugarcane pulp products comes from one of the largest food industry wastes: bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp. The properties of bagasse fibers can be naturally twisted together to form a tight mesh structure to make biodegradable containers. This new green tableware is not only as strong as plastic and can hold liquids, but also cleaner than those biodegradable items made from recyclable materials, which may not be completely deinked and will start to decompose after 30~45 days in the soil, and lose its shape completely after 60 days. The specific process can be found in the following diagram,

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