Prophecy: The Man Behind The Cascade Of Youth

London, England – The London-based entrepreneur Prophecy is the man behind the most talked-about online educational platform, The Cascade Of Youth. A company founded by himself to help upcoming entrepreneurs and individuals regardless of their background by coaching them in the field of business and success.

Prophecy ventured into the world of business independently, trying to find a place for himself within the market where he could help as many people as possible. However, this path on the road to riches was not an easy one for him. Just recently, headlines have hit the news that Prophecy was a suspect of a murder after being falsely accused. The case had gone on for almost a year and a half until a miracle took place on the day of his final hearing where evidence had come in on that morning, to prove his innocence. There is no doubt that this was a breath of fresh air for everyone! We have no idea how he managed to hold himself together during such a difficult situation that on a single judgment, could have changed his and his family’s life for the worst, forever. We see Prophecy for what he truly is, a beacon of light that’s going to take this world into a better, and more positive place to be. It’s clear from what he has been through up until now, that there is no force on this entire planet that can stop him from achieving his mission.

During this journey of becoming the entrepreneur he is today, he has invested a lot of time in learning more about self-development in the outside world. During the process of failures, he states that failure is nothing but a process of learning from your mistakes. The only strategy he believes in is investing time and money into self-development and says the only way an individual can ever grow is by doing things that make themselves feel uncomfortable every day.

Till now, he has generated over £20-million worth of revenue for multinational companies and made an international breakthrough for himself as a multimillionaire in the industry. Going against all the odds, he has now helped more than 200 ordinary people earn a passive 4-figure income per month. That’s when he had the vision and founded the company, “The Cascade Of Youth,” which deals with teaching people success and coaching them in the field of self-development.

The company’s main motive is to provide excellent services, change lives for the better, and reverse engineer the poverty mindset where one will re-learn wealth, success, and health. Prophecy is also named ‘The Man Of Many Faces’. He has donated all his profits (over £40,000) from his previous venture ‘Dream Big Dream Now’, to the top DBDN performers to grow further with this opportunity. 

This brings us back to Prophecy having announced the latest news on creating an educational platform that coaches success. This will be the first online coaching platform in the world that is enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Prophecy and his team’s only vision is to create a revolutionary platform for entrepreneurs to help them utilize their time and efforts to fulfill their passion and turn it into reality. His company’s motto is to end the shared suffering as quoted, ‘Let’s prevent suffering, together’, which he refers to suffering as being a combination of lack of success, wealth, health and happiness.

We are excited to see how many more lives will be changed by Prophecy.


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