Physis Recovery Opens Award-Winning Mental Health Recovery Retreat in Marbella, Spain

Physis Recovery, part of the multi-award winning Volania Six Group, opens their flagship Recovery Retreat in Marbella, Spain.

Driven by innovation and excellence in the treatment of substance use and mental health conditions, Physis Recovery is a sought-after destination for those seeking successful, long term recovery.

The setting for Physis Recovery’s flagship clinic is no accident. Marbella, the famous town in Southern Spain immortalized by its gentle micro climate, sea air and mountain views has endured time by poignantly blending heritage and innovation, whilst retaining its original charm.

Physis Recovery embodies its surroundings, rich in tradition that embraces the Andalusian spirit, Physis Recovery invites guests to fully recover at their exceptional clinic which nurtures the important things in life, family, business, community, peace and togetherness. Our clinic is bathed in soothing natural palette with artisanal textures, ample outdoor spaces and the distinct sense of caring, refined and personal care.

The award-winning treatment center was founded on the principles of caring and professional treatment. The founders’ vision was to create a true recovery experience, healing individuals and mending broken families.

Physis Recovery Retreats are situated within the grounds of some of the most relaxing villas in Marbella, and as a leading rehab center in its own right, Physis Recovery Rehab provides clients with an exclusive recovery program. It was no surprise to the experienced team that Physis Recovery was awarded Worlds Best Treatment status in 2021. Recognizing their exceptional work, long term success rates, luxury facilities and affordability.

According to Philippa Gold, Chief Clinical Officer of Physis Recovery, “with so many treatment clinics claiming to be “the best” or “most luxurious” it’s difficult to know where to turn in the darkest of hours. Physis Recovery is famous for its discretion and care. Our founders created a clinic where they would feel comfortable admitting their own loved ones. We don’t accept all cases yet when we do, we have exceptional success, and this is what sets us apart.”

Big hearted treatment

It is imperative to treat the Mind, Body, and Soul. Decreasing stress while boosting immunity and psychological resilience can help the body cope better, heal more quickly, and maintain health. We provide care using an intensive, big-hearted style, with busy and engaging schedules, which helps us to really get to know, and to properly treat, each client.

Non-12 Step Treatment in Marbella

Physis Recovery understands that not everyone has had a positive experience at a treatment center that practices the 12-Step model. The founders of Physis Recovery also don’t agree that treatment centers are the proper venue to practice the 12-Step model. According to founder Stefan Beresford, “12-Step programs are available for free, and are something that we are happy to introduce our clients to, so they can further investigate post-treatment. We practice non-judgement and shame-free communication, never arguing or using confrontation. Above all, it is our mission to treat our clients with dignity and kindness, showing them the support, connection, and love they need to feel free and thrive.”

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