Photo Jingle Sets For a Global Release in March of 2021

Photo Jingle Sets For a Global Release in March of 2021

March 11, 2021 – Passive income website Photo Jingle is set to release for a global outlook in March of 2021. The company has been in a three month long stealth mode in which it operated across major geographies across the globe and is now all ready to expand its reach all across the globe. 

The company has proven to be instrumental in helping its early adopters earn passively for simple acts and hence could not be ignored at all costs. On the other hand, simple and intuitive features of the website enables one to register and earn as quick as possible. 

Taking about the payout features and the earning potential, the founder of the company, provided us a brief overview about how things work and how his company has outcaste all expectations. The hassle-free withdrawal process and the remote nature of the job has been a boon for the company that ran its pilot operations during the pandemic. The company initiated its operations in December of 2020. 

Some of the intuitive earning process that enables one to earn easily from the site are as follows:

– View the picture

– Like the picture

– Comment on the picture

– Share the picture

Acts such simple as these enables one to earn $0.10 each for every step. The founder seemed elated with the early results and shared his vision for the same. He discussed his vision and how he wants to build a global community that share his vision for the same. 

The company sets its eye to expand aggressively across other geographies as well. To achieve a high sales figures, the company has hired some of the best minds all across the globe. The exact nature and working procedure has been secretive; however, the founder did give us a sneak peek inside the referral program of the company.

For every referral that signs up on the website, the user gets $2 while on the other hand, for every task that the user completes, the user is paid $0.01. On the other hand, for every referral upgrading the earning plan, the user is paid up to $50. 

To add more to it, the company has also shared a revolutionary mentor program in which, the mentors get flat 10% for every individual upgrading their plan under his/her influence. 

To sum it up, the average earning of an individual can reach as high as $200 per day and hence has evolved as a lucrative option for individuals looking for passive sources of income. 

About The Company:

Photo Jingle is a Los Angeles, United States-based company that provides a passive source of income to individuals through simple tasks carried out on the platform. The platform inherits the simple yet intuitive features of digital social media platforms and provides earnings to view, like, comment and share pictures on their platform. The company operated in stealth mode from December 2020 to March 2021 and has expanded its operations and promoting aggressively since after. 


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