Pet Grooming is Like Mountain Climbing: How to Overcome Your Hugest Obstacles By Tanya Ellis

Pet Grooming is Like Mountain Climbing: How to Overcome Your Hugest Obstacles is an empowering book about starting your own pet grooming business. Tanya Ellis shares her experiences, from how she started working in her pet business to how she creatively marketed her business. As an entrepreneur, Tanya is passionate about teaching others, highlighting how climbing a mountain can provide plenty of lessons on how to run a successful business. 

“Early in my life, I found that writing down goals, dreams, and my vision of the future gave it more depth and clarity. I have always taken this very seriously because I believe it tends to come true when you write something down. I also have had vision boards my whole life. It is amazing how, when I look back, many of my vision boards have come true,” said Tanya. 

As an entrepreneur and traveler, Tanya has been able to find lessons in all her travel experiences, particularly in preparation for mountain climbing. With the added flavor of some of her journal entries, Tanya breathes life into her lessons found in Pet Grooming is Like Mountain Climbing, including how to make your business successful. 

“Starting a pet business, you always end up with surprises during the build-out and early days of your business. By creating contingency funds, you can be prepared for those challenges without panicking over the amount of capital available,” Tanya advises her students. She also shares some of her early challenges, particularly when it comes to effectively managing her finances, advertising, and how to stand out from the competition. 

With over a decade of industry experience, Tanya believes in the importance of being your own boss. But she recognizes that building and growing your pet business takes more than hard work. With that in mind, Tanya focuses on helping other entrepreneurs to identify potential pitfalls and plan accordingly. 

With her practical experience infused into Pet Grooming is Like Mountain Climbing: How to Overcome Your Hugest Obstacles, Tanya provides real-world examples and tips to help you grow your pet grooming business. Today, she is teaching others how to enter the pet grooming industry and the keys to building a solid foundation for the future of your business. 

Tanya Ellis currently lives with her husband, family, and beloved pets while running her educational and grooming businesses and providing business coaching services. She is also the author of My Passion 4 Business: 10 Steps to Opening a Pet Grooming Salon. 

Both of Tanya Ellis’ books are available on Amazon.



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