TrueNose Launches Permanent Non-Surgical Nose Job Service For Its Beverly Hills Patients

TrueNose is shaping the nose of its patients to perfection with its non-surgical nose job service. The injectable fillers dissolve quickly to give long-lasting results, and the procedure is less costly than surgical rhinoplasty.

November 29, 2022 – Beverly Hills, CA – TrueNose is a Beverly Hills, CA, based brand that makes the nose job quite easy and gripping for its patients. The patients can get the liquid rhinoplasty done without spending a fortune. The brand offers a permanent non-surgical nose jobwithin 15 minutes to help people get a naturally sharp and smooth nose shape. It is a signature treatment by TrueNose that provides an overall natural look to its customers. The permanent liquid rhinoplasty cost is also less than the exorbitant cost that one has to incur in surgical rhinoplasty.


In the words of Dr. Alexander Z. Rivkin, Head of Medical Development at TrueNose, “With TrueNose, we are providing high-quality permanent liquid nose job procedure. You can watch the difference in our non-surgical nose job before and after pictures. We use injectable PMMA-based injectable filler. Moreover, our expert surgeons use Bellafill, a methyl methacrylate filler, for a permanent rhinoplasty procedure. It is safe to use and consists of bovine collagen that works as the carrier. Our experts conduct the skin test to check for the allergic reaction.”

Bellafill injected filler procedure is similar to the hyaluronic-based filler procedure, but the procedure is temporary. The injectable filler procedure done using Bellafill is permanent but requires commitment from the patient. TrueNose specialists use the FDA-approved technology that does not have any downtime. Experts do not suggest opting for a surgical nose procedure after the liquid rhinoplasty. This temporary non-surgical nose job starts with the injection, known as a test drive, before the whole technique ends with the permanent filler.

“We guarantee patient satisfaction and assure that the liquid rhinoplasty price will never bother you. You can pay $5.760 at once or $160 per month for 36 months with zero interest. Our experts check the nose aesthetics and structure of the patient’s nose. The diagnosis is made to ensure no allergy is caused to the patient. The results of Voluma will stay up to two years, but the Bellafill results are permanent. We recommend patients take touch-ups every 7 to 10 years to maintain the results,” he added.

The best part of taking the non-surgical nose job services from TrueNose is that they have a team of board-certified surgeons and experts. They customize the treatment for their patients. The surgeon checks the unique patterns and structures of the patient’s nose. After that, the diagnosis and treatment, the full cost of treatment, is told to the patients. Not to worry, it is potentially low for what people generally pay for a surgical nose job. At TrueNose, all sorts of nose patterns are corrected, like the low bridge, crooked nose, bump, scooped one, unnatural, asymmetrical, droopy tip, and scarred nose.

The expert and certified surgeons ensure that the fillers are injected in the right place to safeguard the patients from any adverse effects. The nose job at TrueNose is done to rejuvenate one’s facial features. So, the doctors also consider the forehead, cheekbones, jawline, upper lip position, and chin. TrueNose is making a drastic change in patients’ lives who are dealing with nasal congestion or other forms of nose problems. There are no side effects, and the results are permanent.

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TrueNose is a CA-based brand that provides non-surgical or liquid rhinoplasty procedures to patients at an affordable cost. One can reach out to the clinic’s experts at or call at (912) 465-2370.

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