PawMaw: New Ways to Help Reunite with Lost Pets

PawMaw: New Ways to Help Reunite with Lost Pets

March 23, 2020 – A small US-based company that advocates finding missing pets has devised a platform that makes searching for lost pets faster and more effective. Since its launch, has successfully helped hundreds of missing pets get reunited with their owners. With the use of technology, PawMaw has taken social networking to another level, by bringing pet lovers together to help lost pets find their way back home.

Missing pet statistics show that 1 in 3 pets get lost within their lifetime. The Coalition for Reuniting Pets and Families report that less than 23% of lost pets in the US are returned to their families. PawMaw seeks to do its part by creating a platform that allows pet owners from across the states to effectively access crucial information about any animal tagged missing, and also for anyone who has found a missing pet to locate the owner. introduced a most effective way to alert residents in your area about a missing pet. The website’s strongest feature is its continuously growing community that plays an important role in lost pet searches. Beyond distributing lost pet flyers and checking with local animal shelters, worried owners can easily widen their search by posting a listing on site and sending a lost pet alert, free of charge.

“The system helps increase one’s chances of locating a missing pet with the help of a network comprising of thousands of pet lovers keeping an eye out for lost animals. Our comprehensive database of lost and found pets is updated by users. Anybody who has lost or found a pet—whether it’s a dog, cat, or a bird—can post a listing for free. We get dozens of lost pet reports daily,” a PawMaw spokesperson explained.

Anyone who is looking for a missing pet can log on to the website and do a quick search using the lost and found pet database. It’s as simple as entering the zip or area code, city, or state. If someone has reported a lost pet that matches the description the user has provided, they can contact the user instantly. Users can also join the PawMaw network, which has hundreds of members that include pet owners, professionals, and volunteers.

Every time someone reports a lost pet to, the information is also broadcasted on the PawMaw Facebook page. In the same way, the page is also updated for every successful pet reunion, which the PawMaw community always cheerfully celebrates.

“We understand the worry and the distress that comes with finding out that your pet has gone missing. We’ve all been there, and it’s something that every pet owner fears. But it happens a lot and we want to use technological tools to help anyone in this kind of situation,” the PawMaw spokesperson added.

The website also comes with a host of other features, including system alerts, a free and easy-to-print lost pet flyer template, and a free resource center that provides complete information on pet care, behavior, and searching for a missing pet. PawMaw believes that with useful tips and guides on lost pet behavior, owners will be able to determine the more effective ways to locate their missing pets.

How far from home lost cats or dogs end up, for instance, would depend a lot on their personality or how they were raised. The PawMaw resource center offers tips on how to narrow down your search and what possible hiding places you should be looking at more closely at. If a missing pet has been microchipped, we also offer information on the exact steps you need to take to find your missing pet.

On the other hand, if someone comes across a cat or a dog that they suspect is lost, PawMaw provides instructions on how to capture the animal safely and what to do next.

“Our platform brings together like-minded individuals to form a pet-loving community where support is provided to anyone who needs it. In the short time that we have operated, we are proud to have taken part in many successful pet reunions. As our community grows bigger, the faster and easier lost pet searches would be,” the spokesperson said.

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