Now is the Right Time to go to Dubai in 2022 with Travelliam

Now is the Right Time to go to Dubai in 2022 with Travelliam

April 27, 2022 – It’s currently the Lenten season of Ramadan, and the festivities are on hold in Dubai, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the diversions and enjoy a great holiday.

As this is a strict reflection period, little food will be available. Therefore, there is little chance of devouring all the hot, calorific dishes that can make anyone put on pounds before returning to this particularly grand climate.

According to Travelliam, which offers tours of the destination above for the mums we often neglect, this time of the year is the best opportunity to visit Dubai without packing on the pounds. You’re giving your mum a great night out, making her happy, and she’ll ask God to bless you never like before. Anyway, she is the only person who dreams of leaving this world before you. You go to Dubai together, take a dip in the ocean, eat a minimum of fat and come back closer than ever.

Travelliam also offers a program for business owners who need to reward their workers without overspending. They won’t spend more than $500 per person to give their employees or temps a five-star tour, and they’ll come back more loyal and less grumpy. The employees who didn’t get a chance to go on the trip the first time will be more likely to get it the next season, and you’ll increase your revenues. Still, it’s the best opportunity for everyone to go to Dubai!

Travelliam, the fast-growing travel service, offers all-expenses-paid excursions (excluding airfare) to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Kuala Lumpur for a minimum of 4 nights, a magical outing to Dubai in 2022. This period offers people the opportunity to live in peace and harmony and do many amazing things.

What to expect

1. Activities to focus on

As this is the best opportunity to go to Dubai without gaining weight, visitors are encouraged to focus on activities that will get them moving. Like going for a walk, going to the ocean, swimming in the ocean, in the hotel pool, or shopping by walking from one shop to another for a long distance. These are mostly seemingly insignificant details that make you exercise and give you joy without you even realising it.

2. Meals to focus on

Eating is one of our most essential activities. Everyone has to do it anyway to stay alive, but not everything is good to eat if we want to keep in line on this occasion of going to Dubai without gaining weight. We encourage you to consider natural products, cereals, and delicate meats such as poultry (chicken, quail, turkey, and more). For pastries, choose fruity products, smoothies, and fewer cakes.

3. Other destinations

It’s an excellent opportunity to go to Dubai in 2022, but you can go elsewhere without any problem if you need to. For example, you could go to Abu Dhabi, the glorious capital of the UAE, which offers a brilliant perspective on its skyscrapers and showcase extravagant structures.

Or you can head to Kuala Lumpur, which is becoming a well-known and beautiful destination in Asia. Malaysia has taken giant financial steps in recent years, and its two famous twin towers are proof of that and make it a great holiday destination. Here you will find a unique Asian culture with its ancient sculptures full of history. It’s well worth a visit!

4. The dangers of Dubai

This is the perfect opportunity to visit Dubai in 2022. Try not to miss it! The medical specialists in this nation are qualified, and many of them are Western workers, although they can be expensive. You will be well taken care of should a problem arise.

As far as security is concerned, Dubai is considered a safe destination. It even tops the list of the safest places to walk alone at night in 2021! Nevertheless, swearing, profanity, insults, and obscenities are forbidden in Dubai and are legitimately condemned. Any gesture of force or hostility is considered a reprehensible act and merits a fine or detention.

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