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New PVC Pneumatic Injection Moulding Machine

You may know much about the role of the injection molding machine, all the plastic products in our daily life are produced by the injection molding machine, including plastic water cup, birdbine, toothbrush, from the small speaker in the mobile phone, to 60 or 70 inches of large color TV plastic shell. Then here comes the question, how many professionals does such an injection molding machine need from the design to the delivery of finished products?

Custom Pneumatic Injection Moulding Machine

First of all, the entire injection molding machine is a mechanical equipment, must have accurate drawings before production starts. The role of the mechanical designer is to design the drawing according to the customer’s needs through careful calculation and measurement. Now that the drawings are available, it’s the foundry’s job. The role of the foundry is huge, his work is about how to forge steel, considering steel hardness, strength, grinding, perforation, aperture size with high accuracy. It takes years of experience.

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The role of electrical automation engineer is to design the look, and the overall mechanical operation. The design and installation of the switch, the direction of the circuit, the expansion of the mechanical arm, the design of the alarm system of the injection molding machine are all related to the electrical automation engineer. The electrician’s job is to connect the complicated circuit to the mechanical circuit according to the circuit diagram, and then test the circuit to work properly. Injection molding machines have an operating system that requires programmers to code programs.

What number, or name, appears in each position of the page image seen on the big screen needs to be done by a page designer. His work includes page image design, font design, overall layout. The whole of an injection molding machine down basically need these professionals to be able to complete the production of an injection molding machine. Each injection molding machine can be installed with different molds. As long as the tonnage and size are within the acceptable range of the injection molding machine, what kind of plastic products can be produced.

PVC Injection Moulding Machine Factory

The production process of a plastic product is as follows: first, it is to produce the plastic model required by the product. After the material barrel enters the injection molding machine to heat and melt the screw, the screw melts the original plastic particles and shoots them into the mold. After the mold is cast and cooled, a product is born.

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