New book “Simple Rich People” by Shekhar Chopra is released, a practical guide for developing financial literacy and building wealth

New book "Simple Rich People" by Shekhar Chopra is released, a practical guide for developing financial literacy and building wealth

“Simple Rich People” by Shekhar Chopra, edited by Diya Chopra, has been released worldwide. This 150-page guidebook provides practical, easy-to-understand education about finance, wealth, money management, and building habits that support fiscal growth. From definitions of core terms to real world examples, Chopra takes readers from A to Z of financial literacy, encouraging them to think smartly and simply to achieve their monetary goals. 

With direct, immediately actionable advice about where to spend, where to save, investment philosophies, and target percentages that apply to people from all backgrounds and tax brackets, the book challenges conformist and conventional views about accumulating wealth. The writing encourages key mindset shifts that are at the basis of financial independence regardless of an individual’s starting point or current status. 

Rather than focusing only on wealth itself, Chopra frames the importance of money management and financial independence with the benefits it provides for quality of life. The methodology requires discipline and education, but presents the ideas in ways that accommodate different needs and lifestyles, making them all the more applicable to people of varying means. 

With more than 20 years of experience in procurement and business negotiations for Fortune 500 companies, the author understands the relationships between savings, investment, and debt, and breaks down these important concepts in ways that can be applied to personal finance. 

The overall goal of the book is to help people live better, more financially stable lives. Through insightful mindset changes, core principles to follow, and simple metrics for tracking wealth management, Chopra empowers readers to make more responsible decisions. He sheds light on passive income, budgeting, categorizing expenses, following emerging trends, early retirement, and so much more – all with the express purpose of guiding readers toward self-reliance and lasting knowledge. 

This concise, inspiring guide to financial literacy contains life-changing information for anyone and everyone looking to get a better handle on their money and create habits that lead to wealth.

Simple Rich People (ISBN: 9781962987837 / 9781961532236) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The hardcover retails for $26.99, the paperback retails for $18.99, and the ebook retails for $7.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

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From the back cover:

Have you ever wondered how people become rich? They keep it simple!

Business dealmaking veteran Shekhar Chopra dispenses wealth wisdom for dreamers, thinkers, renegades, mavericks, and do-gooders in this indispensable roadmap to building financial success and personal well-being.

Simple Rich People explores fundamental principles and practical scenarios to build wealth and leverage money as an effective resource to live a fulfilling life. It’s time to simplify becoming wealthy and feeling wealthy.

Are you ready to feel rich? It’s simple… once you know how! 

About the author:

Shekhar Chopra has twenty-plus years of experience in the arcane yet pivotal field of procurement and business negotiations. He is an enterprising Californian who has built wealth from ground zero with discipline, courage, and copious experimentation.

His BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to elevate financial literacy in our communities and improve the quality of life. He volunteers at libraries and schools to share the art and science of wealth building to those who we will pass the baton on to next.

He never wavers from his simple belief that the best from us is yet to come!

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