Why Thousands Are Flocking To Flux Charts For Their Technical Analysis Needs

What is Flux Charts?

Flux Charts is an industry leading technical indicator provider, helping traders of all levels maximize their potential. The platform provides next-gen stock, forex, futures, and crypto indicators, aiming to assist users in making smarter and better informed decisions.

What comes with a Flux Charts Subscription?

The Flux Charts subscription comes with a bundle of value, including four indicators, access to their premium discord section, exclusive trading strategies, 24/7 support, and much more!

1. SFX Algo Indicator

The SFX Algo indicator uses a proprietary algorithm developed by Flux Charts to generate Buy & Sell signals. This algorithm is highly customizable to fit all styles of trading, including scalping, day trading, swing trading, and investing! The goal with the SFX Algo indicator was to remove the hassle of technical analysis and provide a tool that does all the hard work automatically!

Features of the SFX Algo Indicator:

●      Algorithmic Buy & Sell Signals

●      Automatic Take Profit Signals

●      Signal Sensitivity

●      Signal Strength

●      Time Weighting

●      Volatility Bands

●      Buy/Sell Signal Star Ratings

●      Trend Colored Candles

●      + more

2. Price Action Toolkit Indicator

The Price Action Toolkit identifies the concepts used by Price Action Traders such as Inner Circle Trader (ICT) and Smart Money Concepts (SMC) traders. The Price Action Toolkit finds price action patterns or characteristics in a set of candlestick formations that can be used to make informed decisions about the market trend.

Features of the Price Action Toolkit Indicator:

●      Fair Value Gaps (FVG)

●      Inversion Fair Value Gaps (IFVG)

●      Break of Structures (BOS)

●      Change of Character (ChoCh)

●      Change of Character Plus (ChoCh+)

●      Equal Highs (EQH)

●      Equal Lows (EQL)

●      Order Blocks (OB)

●      Breaker Blocks (BB)

●      Buy Side Liquidity (BSL)

●      Sell Side Liquidity (SSL)

●      Premium and Discount Zones

●      Volume Imbalances

●      MTF Highs and Lows

●      Alerts

●      + more

3. Multi-Timeframe Supply & Demand Indicator

The MTF Supply & Demand Indicator automatically identifies and highlights supply and demand zones, providing users with valuable insights into potential entry and exit points.

Features of the MTF Supply & Demand Zones Indicator:

●      Automatic Supply & Demand Zone Detection

●      Detection Across Multiple Timeframes

●      Zone Re-test Notifications

●      Zone Break Notifications

●      Zone Formation Notifications

4. Price Action Toolkit Screener Indicator

The Price Action Toolkit Screener (PAT Screener) is a complete tool allowing users to check information from the Price Action Toolkit indicator for various user selected tickers (up to eight) and timeframes. Users can customize the returned information by the screener to have a deeper understanding of the overall market activity and sentiment on their favorite tickers and desired timeframes.

Features of the PAT Screener:

●      Order Blocks

●      Breaker Blocks

●      Fair Value Gaps (FVG)

●      Inversion Fair Value Gaps (IFVG)

●      Market Structures (BOS, CHoCH, CHoCH+)

●      Liquidity Zones

●      Liquidity Grabs

●      Premium / Discount Zones

●      + much more


Flux Charts offers competitive pricing options with an all-inclusive membership. Users can choose from monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans, each offering access to a premium indicator suite on TradingView, exclusive trading guides and strategies, complete access to the trading community, real-time trading signals and notifications, and 24/7 support with frequent product updates.

Does Flux Charts Offer a Free Trial?

Flux Charts does not offer a free trial. However, they have a 7-day money back guarantee. This gives customers 7 days to test their product before committing financially.

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