Wardrobe customization has become a popular trend

The wardrobe is a kind of cabinet for storing clothes, and is one of the indispensable furniture in house life. Usually solid wood (Plywood, solid wood, particle board, MDF), tempered glass, hardware accessories as materials, generally with cabinets, door panels, silent wheels as accessories, built-in clothes rails, trouser racks, pull baskets other accessories, using edge banding, punching, assembly, and other processes.

With the personalized needs for wardrobes in terms of space layout, functionality, wardrobe style and the other aspects, customized wardrobes have increasingly become the first choice for many families, especially the new generation of families such as the post-80s and post-90s. Since the introduction of custom wardrobes into China at the beginning of this century, they have been valued by modern family consumers because of their personalized design, 100% space utilization, beautiful and fashionable, environmental protection and large-scale production to ensure quality.

The customized wardrobe is also increasingly becoming an indispensable and important part of modern home decoration. The customized wardrobe is destined to become a hot spot for family wardrobes in the next few years due to its customizable, environmental protection, fashion, professionalism and other characteristics.

For a long time, the problem of excessive formaldehyde in wardrobes has been plaguing consumers. the traditional wardrobe industry did not think about environmental protection in the past, the entire market is highly sensitive to price, and the practice of “pursuing quantity, winning with low price” But at present, with the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the environmental protection requirements for wardrobes are getting higher and higher, environmental protection in wardrobe enterprises is not only a concept, the need for wardrobe companies to solve the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard from the source, in the whole process of production must consider environmental protection design, the country also attaches great importance to wardrobe testing, new standards emerge endlessly.

With the development of the new era, the transformation and upgrading of the customized wardrobe industry has become an unstoppable trend. The advent of the new retail era will pay more and more attention to user experience, and the development of franchising has become an important channel to improve user experience. Wardrobe customization has also become a popular trend, and the customized wardrobe industry will undoubtedly be a sunrise industry in the next ten years.

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