Neuraswitch and Beyond Verbal Announce Partnership to Add Emotion AI Insights to Call-Center Customer Experience Platform.

Call Centers would be able to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and boost the performance of their agents

Tel Aviv, Israel & Tulsa, Oklahoma – Neuraswitch and Beyond Verbal today announce a partnership and availability of Beyond Verbal’s voice-based Emotion AI engine on Neuraswitch ConnexionsCX customer experience platform for call-centers.

Beyond Verbal’s Emotion AI engine will be integrated into Neuraswitch ConnexionsCX platform to leverage the power of human emotions and behavioral analytics enabling to provide real time recommendations and performance analysis to boost the performance of call centers by improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales. This integration will empower Neuraswitch to allow businesses offer a unique customer experience, for example by intelligently routing requests to agents that best match the personality profile of different customers, really adding value to the ‘human’ component of customer interaction at a time when excessive reliance on ‘boxed-in’ technologies risks to ruin the human touch of the experience.

“We are very excited to partner with Neuraswitch and leverage their extensive experience in the call center space,” said Yuval Mor, Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Verbal. “The combination of Neuraswitch ConnexionsCX  platform and Beyond Verbal Emotion AI technology can add advanced capabilities to call centers and significantly improve the customer experience.”

Beyond Verbal’s solution complements Neuraswitch approach focused on helping organizations create personalized,memorable experiences that shape relationships. The patented technology behind Beyond Verbal’s voice-based emotion analytics ideally suits to provide emotion metrics and understanding of customers’ satisfaction as well as to enhance Neuraswitch’ recommendation logic and performance measurement.

This strategic partnership empowers both to become a force in the customer experience within the call center space.

“The partnership with Beyond Verbal at its core is a partnership to strengthen the ConnexionsCX platform” said Brian Matthews, CEO at Neuraswitch.”While utilizing the Beyond Verbal Emotion AI, ConnexionsCX is now able to read the emotional state of customers in real time for call centers. To say we are excited about this and the possibilities is an understatement.”

About Beyond Verbal

Beyond Verbal is world leader in voice analytics. The companyhas developed a technology that extracts various acoustic features from a speaker’s voice, in real time, giving insights on emotional understanding, wellbeing and health conditions. Suitable for a range of markets – from device manufacturers such as robots, voice assistants and IoT devices to call center operators and healthcare providers such as HMOs, doctors and even patients themselves – utilization of our voice technology improves performance and the overall quality of life by better monitoring Emotions, Wellness and Health.

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About Neuraswitch

Neuraswitch was founded by a team of call center professionals who wanted to redefine the customer experience by creating a unique cloud contact center solution with artificial Intelligence built right into the platform.

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