3Epak® Reveals Low-Cost Eco-Friendly Paper Bottles

October 30, 2018 – Scarsdale, NY – 3Epack Group announces an innovative cost-effective solution to replace PET bottles, aseptic cartons, and standalone pouches with a new paper bottle and technology for the global non-carbonated beverage market. Easing the global waste stream, the 3Epak® biodegradable paper bottle and technology enhances recycling, and lowers capital investment, production, shipping and energy costs,  while extending the product shelf life up to 350 percent.

The 3Epak®paper bottle utilizes paper, weight-bearing, exterior body combined with a patent pending high-Oxygen barrier film pouch insert that protects the contents and extending shelf life. This proprietary paper bottle solution for the 1.1 Trillion dollar global, non-carbonated beverage market minimizes the use of plastics and reduces costs, while expanding the use of biodegradable, compostable and sustainable resources.

Cornstarch-based straws and lids are easily integrated with the 3Epak®paper bottle adding to waste reduction and the biodegradable elements of this environmentally friendly beverage container. Patent-pending, cost-effective sterilization method allows for a safe,asepticcold fill for a large variety of non-carbonated beverages including water, juices, ice teas, dairy products and more.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/06X1mcjffhI

As the global waste cycle becomes overwhelmed by plastic bottles, aseptic cartons and standalone pouches, patented3Epak®paper bottle offers an immediate viable solution for beverage packaging. The patented paper bottle and patent pending technology developed by 3EpackGroupeases the waste problem created by the beverage industry while reducing CO2 emissions during manufacturing, storage and transportation. 3Epak® enables each link in the supply chain to reduce environmental impact and demonstrate social responsibility.

With over 400Billion beverage containers produced globally each year, the 3Epak®paper bottle&technology is an environmental solution that can not be overlooked. Many companies cite expenses in implementing eco-friendly packaging, that argument disappears with the 3Epak®paper bottle production method. Capital investmentis reduced by up to 80%withthe proprietary 3Epak®paper bottle production process.

The 3Epak®paper bottle saves money and protects the environment from manufacturing to disposal. Producers save on capital investment, production, storing and shipping costs. 3Epak®paper bottle components are not bonded to each other and are easily separated for standard recycling of both the paper and minimal 3 to 5.5 grams of plastic components. 3Epak®paper bottles that are not recycled will largely biodegrade and compost quickly under normal conditions.

3Epack Group currently seeks to establish partnerships and offers licensing agreements worldwide, to bring this eco-friendly paper bottle technology to the forefront of global beverage packaging industry. Private equity opportunities are available.

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