Narimane El Labbane, the first Arab woman to enter the Automotive world of influencing

Narimane El Labbane, the first Arab woman to enter the Automotive world of influencing
Narimane El Labbane, the first Arab woman to enter the Automotive world of influencing
Narimane El Labbane is a renowned Lebanese influential automotive icon and blogger who charms her followers with her Instagram content. She is known for being the first Arab woman to become an automotive journalist and influencer of her age.

Companies in the automotive sector can no longer ignore influencer marketing as a way to get the word out and build their brand. Automotive influencers have considerable power over their community and companies need to use it. As car enthusiasts, they pass on mechanical tips, model reviews and recommendations to their fans.

Buying a new or used car is one of the biggest purchasing decisions one will make. As such, automotive industry brands need to think carefully about how they inform potential customers to help them make the most informed decisions. Effective social media influencer marketing collaborations have been assisting brands in increasing brand awareness, sales, and return on investment. 

From brand awareness to ultimately driving off the lot, automotive influencers with a dedicated and engaged following are the ideal partners to help retailers guide automobile purchasers through the customer journey.

Let’s ask first! Who are the most influential Arab automotive influencer?

Well, the list of the most influential and highest paid in the Arab automotive industry never ends, but when it comes to women category, Narimane El Labbane’s name is a must to be mentioned.

She is by far the top of the podium, absolutely because she is the first Arab woman to enter in such a domain that some might think that it is only confined to men. But Narimane El Labbane was the first to change and wipe over all such thoughts, and she was really able to compete the most influential “man” in the automotive world of influencing.

As a renowned known Auto aficionado who knows how to make good eye candy through her eye-catching and marvelous posts of her experience driving a new car or pictures of cars from events she has been invited to share in, Narimane El Labbane was able to catch the eyes of 768 followers on her Instagram account.

If you scroll through her instagram page, you can see different cars companies which she recommended throughout her journey like Lexus UAE, Land Rover MENA, P ZERO World, Rolls Royce- AGMC Dubai, MG Middle East, Porsche Centre Dubai, Aston Martin MENA, and many more.

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