Grammy Nominee, Shawn Cook, drops his brand new studio release, “STAY”

STAY combines the energy of hip-hop with the melodies of contemporary trap and more.

Shawn Cook (formerly known as “Vital”) focuses on creative compositions that allow for the blending of various genres. Shawn Cook skillfully combines all of these various inspirations, aiming for a distinct and one-of-a-kind sound, from the punch of classic hip-hop to the melodies of the melodic trap. Melt all of these qualities into one and you get his latest single… “STAY.”

In fact, this song stands out as the ideal illustration of what motivates Shawn’s sound. Energy is key, but there is also space for atmosphere and melody, which elevates the artist’s sound to a more complex level. If you appreciate artists like Lil Wayne, Juice WRLD, Dead Rituals, and Lil Uzi Vert, to name a few, then you will undoubtedly adore this. Shawn is unique since he is a very versatile artist with access to a wide variety of styles. He embodies a rare talent to navigate several genres easily, including reggae, pop, and rap. In 2016 he received a certified gold plaque in the pop genre for his writing skills on Marc E. Bassy’s “Morning”, which has over 156 million streams on Spotify alone. Following up that accomplishment in 2017, he was grammy nominated in the reggae genre for J.Boogs album titled “Rose Petals”.  

Additionally, his rap songs on YouTube earned millions of views from this growing talent. Shawn is also a very active alternative music artist as if that weren’t enough.

Definitely a strong introduction to Shawn’s artistic philosophy, “STAY” is excellent in both production and melodic execution. Undoubtedly, the artist put a lot of effort into making this one a hit, and the outcomes speak for themselves. The song’s start is exquisite, with a few atmospheric tones that blend seamlessly with the beat to give the audience a unique experience. The mix has a dynamic, edgy, and dramatic auditory approach since it is well-balanced and highly detail-oriented. In other words, this release contains a lot of small details that, taken as a whole, significantly increase the track’s richness. The frequency range of the mix is also quite well-balanced, with a smooth top end and a tight yet deep low-end doing wonders to give the music a sense of clarity.

This song is a potent illustration of the artist’s desire to influence people through his sound, positively and uniquely captivating his audience. The energy and catchiness of “STAY” are on par with what one would find in some of the best modern music. The song also has an intimate and emotional sense, which helps the artist establish a stronger connection with the listeners. Since Shawn is a storyteller, it stands to reason that he is among the best artists.

Learn more about Shawn Cook’s music, and do not miss out on listening to “STAY”, which one can find on his upcoming EP, “Claudette.” The release will be available on the web’s best digital music streaming platforms.

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