Narimane El Labbane, one of the most influential Arab lifestyle influencers

Narimane El Labbane, one of the most influential Arab lifestyle influencers
Narimane El Labbane, one of the most influential Arab lifestyle influencers
Looking for a lifestyle Instagram influencer to enhance your marketing campaign? Want new faces to start following or people to motivate you on changes in life? Narimane El Labbane will come in handy for any matter, anytime under any circumstance. Narimane El Labbane is a renowned lifestyle influencer who hails from Lebanon.

In 2021, influencer marketing on Instagram doesn’t stop thriving. There are a lot of influencers in every niche: from fashion to finance, from home decor to beauty, from fitness to marketing. Besides a defined niche, there are lifestyle influencers who attract the audience by their daily routine, interests, attitude to life, nice visuals, and everything in between. The range of topics Instagram lifestyle bloggers cover is wide. People adore such influencers and follow their every step with genuine interest.

Going back to the idea that influencing is at its high rate of nourishment, the number of lifestyle influencers is also hitting the market. Hence, it would not be an easy task at all to opt the best and top lifestyle influencer.

When the issue is confined to the Lebanese market, it is impossible to mention Narimane El Labbane’sname as one of the top lifestyle influencers who are known in Lebanon and in the Middle East as whole. As a lifestyle influencer, Narimane never ceases to inspire us with her charming daily outfits, she always debuts an exciting look on her page. Her Instagram is filled with loads of amazing photos of her everyday lifestyle.

Everything about Narimane is fascinating, her personality, aura, wit and humor, fashion sense and everything else has caught the attention of big brands in no time. She has recommended countless brands, hotels, restaurants, companies and shops in different countries including Egypt, Dubai, Turkey and Lebanon.

During her travels, Narimane El Labbane uses to give honest recommendations for places which she is invited to visit. Her honest recommendations catch the eyes of her followers especially those who are enthusiastic to learn more and discover new places so that to put them in their future plans.

“Even if I’m payed for to recommend a place, I can’t but give my honest words and opinion regarding this place. I can’t deceive my followers, my second family, and I think this the reason behind their trust and continuous following up with every new post and story.” Narimane El Labbane.

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