Musical Fountain Manufacturers – CNC Digital Water Curtain Fountain Equipment Introduction

CNC Digital Water Curtain is a device that controls the water flow through computer numerical control technology and is used to create water curtains with various forms, patterns and effects. It achieves dynamic water curtain effects by precisely controlling the jetting and stopping of water flow, which can be used for landscape decoration, performing arts shows, commercial displays and other occasions.

The working principle of CNC digital water curtain is as follows:

1. Water flow control: CNC digital water curtain through a set of precision control of water pumps and valves to control the supply and stop the water flow. Computer numerical control system according to the preset procedures and instructions, precise control of the pump on and off, adjust the strength and density of the water flow.

2. Nozzle arrangement: CNC digital water curtain nozzles are usually installed on one or more parallel rails, and the spacing between the nozzles can be adjusted according to the design requirements. Each nozzle usually has an independent control, you can individually control the water flow on and off.

3. Jet control: CNC digital water curtain through the computer numerical control system to control the opening time and jet angle of each nozzle to achieve the desired water curtain shape and effect. The computer programme can control the spraying time and spraying direction of each nozzle according to the preset pattern or effect, so as to create a rich variety of water curtain effects.

4. Light and shadow processing: CNC digital water curtain is usually combined with lighting and projection equipment to enhance the visual impact and artistic effect of the water curtain through lighting and projection effects. Lighting and projection equipment can be synchronised with the computer numerical control system for synchronous control, to achieve a unified presentation of the water curtain and light and shadow.

The advantage of CNC digital water curtain is that it can achieve a high degree of control precision and creativity, and can create various shapes, sizes and dynamic changes in the water curtain effect according to demand. It is widely used in public landscapes, theme parks, commercial centres, performing arts venues and other occasions, bringing a unique visual and tactile experience to the audience.

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