Lead a new chapter in medical technology

The 89th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) is underway from April 11th to 14th at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. With a theme of digitization and intelligence, the exhibition focuses on the industry’s cutting-edge products, delving deeply into the market potential and opportunities of AI + intelligent healthcare.

As a global pioneer in life sciences and medical innovation digital scene solutions, Haier Biomedical adheres to its AI plus scene ecological digitalization strategy. At this year’s CMEF, they proudly unveil three major scene solutions with multiple core products, aiming to safeguard the health and well-being of people worldwide.

The Smart Medication Full-Scene Digital Solution Makes Healthcare More Accessible

To address smart hospitals’ needs, Haier Biomedical comprehensively upgrades scenarios including intelligent integrated static dispensing centers, smart pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, effectively improving disease diagnosis and patient management efficiency.

The Intelligent Integrated Static Dispensing Center achieves full-process automation from infusion warehousing, labeling, basket delivery, needle drug dispensing, liquid preparation, and infusion sorting to distribution. The fully automated dispensing robot ensures digital interconnection and full traceability of personnel, solvents, toxic drugs, equipment, and environmental factors, guaranteeing zero errors in dispensing, zero drug residues, and zero occupational exposure.

The Smart Outpatient Pharmacy effectively manages the entire process from drug storage and dispensing to drug delivery, increasing dispensing efficiency by 50% and reducing the medication pick-up time from 10 minutes to “pick up upon arrival.” The Smart Inpatient Pharmacy utilizes automated equipment to improve the accuracy of drug dispensing.

Digital Intelligent Health City Solution: Emphasis on Safeguarding Wellness with Technology

The digital blood safety full-process solution enhances blood safety, realizing full-process traceability and cold chain supervision from blood collection, preparation, storage, and blood delivery to the clinical use of blood. A blood safety handover solution is released for the first time, enabling batch blood handover with zero errors, full traceability throughout the process, and real-time inventory information management.

To improve the vaccination experience, the Haier Biomedical R&D team developed the Smart Vaccine Full-Scene Solution, covering the entire process from manufacturer transportation to CDC cold storage, vaccination outpatient clinics, appointment vaccination, and monitoring of adverse reactions throughout the chain. This ensures precise vaccine retrieval with zero errors, rapid freezing of problematic vaccines, and full traceability throughout the vaccination process.

Lead the Industrial Intelligent New Trend with a Prime Focus on Laboratory Scenarios

As life science disruptive innovations grow rapidly, the construction of smart laboratories has entered a new era. Aligning with the trends through its extensive technology innovations and R&D teams, Haier Biomedical creates four platforms for laboratory automation, intelligence, networking, and sharing, making scientific research much safer and more efficient.

Recognizing the challenges of cell and gene therapy, Haier Biomedical presents the Smart Cell Management Full-Scene Digital Solution with five processes of sample collection and transportation, cell separation and extraction, cell amplification and preparation, quality control and release, storage and resuscitation applications. They achieve comprehensive control and traceability of the cell product lifecycle following GMP management specifications.

Focusing on the challenge of biological sample storage, Haier Biomedical introduces the first precise management solution for biological risk samples nationally and the first integrated distributed expansion intelligent management solution worldwide. Through breakthrough technologies such as radio frequency (RF) for inventory management and temperature monitoring in ultra-low temperature conditions, they enable rapid access, autonomous inventory, and real-time monitoring of biological risk samples in -80C environments, ensuring precise control of every biological risk sample.

Discussing and Envisioning the Future

Haier Biomedical extends our heartfelt invitation to our stand INSERT NUMBER at China International Medical Equipment Fair, showcasing to attendees the medical portfolio where intelligence and insights converge.

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