The main ingredients and properties of plastic, What services can be provided about plastics

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The main ingredients and properties of plastic

The common plastics are all made from natural materials such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and crude oil through a polymerization or polycondensation process, and they both require specific catalysts. In a polymerisation reactor, monomers such as ethylene and propylene are linked together to form long polymer chains. Each polymer has its own properties, structure and size depending on the various types of basic monomers used.

There are many different types of plastics, but they can be grouped into two main polymer families:

1. Thermoplastics (which soften on heating and then harden again on cooling).

2. Thermosets (which never soften once they have been moulded).

What services we can provide about plastics

Plastic injection molds:

Injection molding is one of the most widely used production methods for plastic parts and is a cornerstone of RuiCheng’s production capabilities. Injection molding is injecting a heated material into a pattern, called a mold, which then cools into a single-piece part that is high-quality, strong, and replicable.

Injection molding is highly repeatable, which makes it great for brand consistency and part reliability. This also makes injection molding extremely efficient and cost-effective for high volume production.

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Rapid injection mold:

Rapid injection molding (RIM) is an injection molding process designed for the manufacture of relatively small batches of plastic parts with much shorter lead times than the standard injection molding process. In general, the equipment used for RIM is the same as that used for normal production injection molding except that RIM injection molds are designed for quick turnaround instead of for long series production durability

Overmolding is a multi-step injection molding process where two or more components are molded over top of one another. Overmolding is sometimes referred to as two-shot molding because it is a two-step process.First, a base component (otherwise known as a substrate) is molded and allowed to cure. Overmolded substrates are often made of plastic.Then, a second layer is molded directly on top of the first to create a single solid piece. Overmolding is commonly used to manufacture plastic parts thatfeature a rubber handle. The two-shot process of overmolding a toothbrush, for example, consists of forming a base layer for the plastic handle and a top layerof rubber (to make the toothbrush less slippery to hold).

Two-color mold:

Two-color injection molding is a manufacturing process used when referring to mold two materials/colors into one plastic part,which is a technology  blends two materials or two different colors into one ending plastic part by using 2k injection molding machine.

The applications of plastic parts


Advanced plastics are integral to automotive design. Nearly every quality of the modern vehicle—from safety and performance to efficiency and aesthetics—relies on plastics and, increasingly, polymer composites to meet ever-evolving consumer expectations.

As a china plastic supplier, we also pay attention to apply plastic in automotive industry and focus on design more higher quality plastic parts.Our products sell to everywhere, especially Europe Slovakia and Romania.


At now plastic has been apply widely in sport industry,a lot of equipment of sport’s part are made by plastic.such as sports equipment Wheel,wheel of tennis serving machine. For these sports equipment we often use overmoulding to protect the important part. Our sport’s plastic parts are so popular in Brazil, if you need to know more, please look our case or products about sport plastic parts.


To a large extent, medical plastics vary in properties and characteristics. Due to stringent regulatory requirements for medical parts, our engineers use medical plastic polymers for specific health applications, from surgical instruments to medical supplies. In order to ensure that these medical plastic parts meet medical standards, we did thousands of experiments. Now these medical plastics used for medical prototypes and parts can deliver suitable resistance to impact, wear, temperature, and corrosion. At the same time, these plastic components can maintain high performance after subjecting  to recurrent sterilization or body.

The advantages of plastic parts

• Superior design flexibility

• A wide range of materials

• Excellent visual appearance.

• Faster manufacturing times

• Great repeatability and tolerances

What plastic do we commonly use in injection
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