Mind and Body Wellness Can Assist in Overcoming Addictions and Sustaining Recovery

Yoga is well known worldwide for decades now as a method used to tone and strengthen the body through a series of stances and poses that focus on certain muscle groups.  The types of poses and stances depend upon the degree of experience and which muscles are targeted.  Yoga is also used simply to meditate when individuals become anxious and/or depressed.  It is a period in which individuals clear their minds of stressful thoughts and feelings. 

Inspire Change Wellness of British Columbia is a Center for Drug and Alcohol Rehab, that specifically targets the population of males that suffer from drug and alcohol problems.  The focus of Inspire Change Wellness is not only focused on becoming clean and sober but also on staying drug and alcohol-free for a lifetime.  Inspire Change Wellness does understand that fighting relapse is a lifetime commitment.  Many addicts relapse when they experience certain trigger points such as hunger, loneliness, tiredness, and anger.  Inspire Change Wellness uses the acronym HALT to explain the trigger points to their clients. 

There are five prominent ways in which yoga can help with addiction recovery.  Yoga combines physical poses and stances that were explained above.  Any physical muscle usage can release hormones called endorphins that relax an individual’s mind.  In addition, yoga exercises generally also involve meditation while performing it, and meditation is possibly more effective in preventing relapse than twelve-step alcohol and rug abuse programs that use meetings for control of urges.  Yoga exercises can target impulsiveness and cravings in addition to providing stress relief. 

Focus on controlling emotions and mood are stressed in yoga and any type of meditation.  Mindfulness and self-forgiveness occur more rapidly when using the five steps towards recovery that yoga incorporates.  Yoga is a type of psychoeducation, however, and must be learned to practice yoga properly.  Inspire Change Wellness teaches recovering addicts how to incorporate yoga into their lives all through each stage of recovery, from the initial withdrawal from a substance to sustained lifetime recovery without relapse.

The most important aspect of yoga as a method of overcoming addiction and experiencing a successful recovery is that yoga promotes a positive outlook in all aspects of life and this one step out of all five ways yoga can help on the road to recovery might very well be the most significant step of all.  A positive outlook on life can assist in any type of addiction even smoking, or overeating.  In addition, a positive outlook is a learned behavior and once taught will influence all aspects of a former addict’s life.  Personal relationships improve with a positive outlook, and this is important as addicts do experience disrupted personal relationships with others. 

Inspire Change Wellness and its five ways that yoga can assist in recovery from drugs or alcohol is a positive, mindfulness, and behavior modification technique that this recovery center for men has practiced and perfected for years.

About Inspire Change Wellness

Inspire Change Wellness is a drug and alcohol recovery facility in British Columbia.  It is geared towards males as female addicts have differing needs.  Yoga and the five ways in which yoga can enhance recovery and prevent relapse are a focus of this center.  Several locations exist and trained counselors will advise on the best approach to overcoming either single addictions or dual addictions.  Privacy is, of course, a primary goal, and the target of the center is physical and mental well-being to achieve a drug and alcohol-free life. 

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