Capture and Remember the Perfect Day With Mango Studios

For many people, both individually and as a couple, their wedding day will be one of, if not the most, memorable and special days of their lives. Few events can top the emotion, beauty and wonder of a wedding, as two people in love commit themselves and their lives to each other.

The photographs taken on the day, particularly those taken by professionals, are a vital component in the memories that the day evokes when looking back.

In the Toronto area, one wedding photography studio in particular stands out as being head and shoulders above the rest, and Mango Studios has been talking about what makes them so special in helping your wedding to be special.

“At our heart, we are storytellers,” a spokesperson stated, “and every wedding that we photograph is tailored to the individual couple and who they are. Of course, we still bring a high quality of technical skill and modern equipment in order to shoot the very best that we can on the day, and we have a range of hand-picked photographers available, all of whom have extensive experience in both the craft of photography and getting the most and the best out of their subjects”.

“We have developed the ‘MANGO Method’ that we use with all of our clients. Before we even click a shutter on a camera, we want to know all bout you. What are your favourite cities? What music do you like to listen to? Most importantly, what is the story of the two people in front of us who are wanting to get married”?

“Spending this extra time with every couple means that we can craft a unique wedding photography experience for every wedding that we shoot, and no two weddings will be the same. Your photos, which we reveal to you at a special presentation event in our presentation theatre after your wedding, will show how your day was special to you, and could not have been told in any other way”.

“Although we are Toronto and Miami-based,” the spokesperson continued, “We have photographed weddings throughout the world in Europe, Asia & Africa, and every wedding has been both different and wonderful to craft for our special clients”.

About Mango Studios

Mango Studios was the brainchild of Nancy & Mo back in 2004. Together they run Mango Studios, providing a wide range of photographic services in the Toronto area and in Miami, USA, including: wedding photography, family portraits, corporate headshots, bar and bat mitzvah and photobooth photography.

With almost 20 years of professional experience together, they have a wide-ranging portfolio of astonishing visual work and a long list of delighted clients. With their focus on visual storytelling, they are considered to be among the very top photographers in the Toronto area and beyond.

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Phone: 416-366-4723
Address:9 Davies Avenue #203
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