Creating Special Basement Office Restoration

Changing work patterns means that there has been a considerable increase in the number of people working from home. Improvements in technology and the COVID-19 pandemic have meant that many people have found themselves working from home for long periods of time, for perhaps the first time ever, and more people will be continuing to work from home in the future.

The people at Basement Now have recognised that for many people, this is a less than ideal situation as they may not have viable or comfortable office space at home from which to work.

“We have found a lot of people coming to us over the past few months,” stated a spokesperson from the company, “and looking for inexpensive and practical ways to remodel their home to make it available for home working”.

“They come to use because they have realised that renovating their basement is one of the least complex renovations that can take place and is an ideal way of creating an effective home working/office solution at a reasonable cost.”

The spokesperson continued, “many people don’t initially realise that it is relatively straightforward to navigate complex city building codes with basement renovations as you are improving a part of the property that is already there, rather than having new extensions or additions, which could lead to complex planning procedures and greatly increased costs”.

We specialize in renovating your basement and providing you with a quiet, well-ventilated, well-lit, perfect place from which to work from home, freeing you from many of the distractions of homeworking such as loud children and noise.”

“Among the various improvements we can make include: adding windows to let in more light, electrical and other cable-based installations for power and broadband. We also provide a focus on safety, not just in terms of the construction but security for your valuable items such as computers and printers,” the spokesperson continued. “We also focus on issues of comfort that you may not have thought about, including air conditioning and heating requirements”.

Renovating a basement for an office raises many questions about your requirements, but as specialists that have done this many times throughout Canada, we can help you to think about the many different facets of design and construction, in order to build you the perfect project for your needs now and in the future, including providing 3D visual plans prior to beginning construction”.

About Basement Now

Basement Now are Canadian basement restoration specialists, with a number of locations through the country. They provide a full-service advice, estimation and construction service across a range of different types of personal and business restoration projects, including free estimates.

A range of a locations means that a wide variety of skills and experience is available for any customer, with no project being too large or too small for them to manage.

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